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The most incredible trip ever told

A journey a few inches from logic.

This 2020 and since I embarked on this personal and professional project in Catalonia in The Leadership Circle I am feeling as if space-time is multiplying in intensity, learning and experiences at an internal and deep level.

I would like to take this opportunity once again to thank and acknowledge two key people for the real changes that are taking place and are being perceived, at least on my part. I feel better, lighter, more connected to the universe, and above all different, from when I started in June 2019.

Thank you Liberto and Rosario for guiding me (us) every day with illusion, energy, passion, wisdom and love in this winding and fun path of continuous learning called life.

Having said this and connecting with what I have been working on since I wrote the trilogy a life in a second, composed by the biggest fake, all dogs are labradors and a life in a second, I realize that I am getting closer to live every day in calm, contemplation and pause as a key discipline to continue evolving and multiplying the intensity of each second. This gives me the gift of presence and the ability to invest time in the mere fact of stopping with a conscious intention of my own existence and observing what that very moment brings when I decide to stop. It seems simple but it is not.

I use a big post-it that says: calm down, breathe, everything passes, the pause is a gift, take advantage of it. It's the little details that are helping me every day to be more than just that, to be.

I take advantage of these lines to thank my colleague Marta, who in one of our 1to1 gave me a brilliant advice: "maybe you should be just that, just be". This helped me to realize that I should reduce the control and fear of failure and not want to fix the world from my point of view but strive to simply be and help wherever I am asked, patiently and waiting consciously.

A journey few inches from logic, to a place called heart

Writing that first book helped me start that journey. A brutal journey, full of fears, of guilt, of not knowing, of not finding answers to problems.

One to realize that the problems are always going to be there, and as Liberto says, one must only sail with them, live with them, without having the continuous need to solve them or leave them aside.

Liberto himself told me years ago that there is no path, that there are no steps to take, no steps to follow, that at this very moment is where you can simply be, and being is already a lot.

Leaving aside past, future or inventions of our mind that only play bad tricks on us and that our energy is not as intense as it could be, in its most positive sense.

So I encourage all of you who are reading this right now to let the pain serve as a guide to grow and change, without covering it up or hiding it. I encourage you to be increasingly able to express yourself without fear of what others will think as long as that is to understand you better and understand others better.

It is a journey that is very scary to make, and that involves suffering, but I believe it is certainly worth trying.

It is a journey that once done and with all its consequences, provides such incredible sensations that it will be difficult to find in a physical or material journey.

This does not mean that you have to forget about making trips or buying things, of course not.

It means that we are able to appreciate more all that we already have, without having to keep on constantly wanting and asking for more without stopping to think or feel if that solves something.

Maybe the solution is much closer than we all think, just a few inches away from logic. In our hearts.

Those who have found peace, and traveled to the most incredible places in the world, just sat down and felt it. Maybe it's true and we don't have to travel anymore, we'll have to at least try, which is free!

Without much more I say see you later, big hug, wishing you the best, now!

About Ignacio

Since 2011, Ignacio has put together some provocative and actionable living ideas into an entertaining trilogy of books published on Amazon, Bubok or Google Books.

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