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Our Affinity Of Collective Consciousness Instinct

Co-Creating with Kevin Baker

First of all I would like to recognize Kevin for having come to me and proposed to write together. It´s an honor, thank you, and here it goes...

By definition, instinct or innate behavior is the inherent inclination of a living organism towards a particular complex behavior. The simplest example of an instinctive behavior is a fixed action pattern (FAP), in which a very short to medium length sequence of actions, without variation, are carried out in response to a corresponding clearly defined stimulus.

If we now want to take it to our daily lives, I would say instinct is anything we feel and perceive that moves us towards something desirable we want to achieve.

So, for that reason I would also state our instincts define us, and our attitude towards our instincts makes us who we are. Our goals might be set by our instincts. And the final purpose of our instincts might just survive. I dare to say, me included, we are living in a world full of egoistic people, mostly doing what our instincts dictate us.

Lately I have witness there are other goals, differing the only egoistic ones that can drive us to higher states of happiness more longing and lasting, just by muting our most primal, basic and instant needing instincts, and postponing gratification or even giving it away.

By giving away (instant) gratification we are becoming more choice-full, and creating our own new future, full of possibilities.

We are moving from a scarcity mindset to an abundant one, and most importantly others seeing these acts might awake and discover the tremendous benefit in collaborating more than competing.

Even though society, evolution and common knowledge seems to dictate completely the opposite, we might discover giving away is the way to be, act and transcend

Going Granular

We could link instinct with guts and intuition as for them having similar meaning.

When we follow our gut feeling and intuition, we follow our instincts. However, it is considered as another level of consciousness for which human beings can then choose their final goals and intentions when making a choice.

I am particularly fond of these topics, on human and animal behavior, individual and in group. For that reason, I wrote a trilogy whose final book it´s called “a life in a second”. It can take a second to realize we are not the best human we can be, however that single second of truth can take a whole life to happen. It depends on each of us to accept, embrace and be brave enough to open our hearts to a single second of painful truth.

And it will only when we recognize we are not perfect, we can improve, adding much more value to the planet earth in which we are living, starting from giving a little love to any other person which is not us or our closest chosen ones.

I invite all people out there to follow their instincts, to be happy, and reconsider their goals to create more for the others, rather than just oneself. And by doing so they might feel more connected to these instincts in a new level of consciousness, where all that we were giving for granted, it´s not valid anymore.

Co-Creating with Ignacio Gallo.

Instinct to me is everything about my life, I think of it as my source of all intention.

I feel we need to redefine this as it is much more to me then behavior that does not require learning.

Deeply seated within my inner person a feeling comes to the surface often that you we us I have evolved away from our instinct in a path that inhibits our advancement not in the ways our complex emotional self seems to be our biggest inhibition.

Instinct is not just our basic survival needs, I feel it is the path we follow though we over shadow the motivation with our emotional self.

With out instinct we would not have evolved at all, our brains would not be anything like they are if we did not have this built in physiological intelligence to draw from.

Instinct is programmable. We pass it on to our next generation with the perspective of this being there tool now to draw from and advance the perpetuation of us.

Instinct is the built in physiological intelligence that runs all of our autonomous functions from breathing, heart rate, cellular regeneration etc. There are about 400,000 decisions per minute happening with in our brain and yet we are only aware of one at a time. A very small percentage of awareness our awake selves, less then 1%.

We sell our self a lie about instinct, the lie is the most dangerous perverse idea I have ever considered.

The lie is that our brains have advanced and no longer need instinct. Our ever evolving emotional involvement with our awake self, appears to be believing it.

Our awake self of awareness for most of us is just not capable of life with out instinct. We have seen the lies of advertising like " by pass your reptilian brain to find success ". 100% impossible yet we click on it don't we.

The triumph brain theory has been proven for a long time as false.

There is only one brain and it is all in use all the time, 24/7 and yet we are aware of less then 1% of it's activity.

There is no magical levels of consciousness, this is where the lies begin. There is only one consciousness and it is the reason we are still alive. Our awareness of this is what varies, nothing else.

Every intention is sent from instinct. Every thought, every decision, no thought originates with in our brain. Our brain is hardware and software of the most sophisticated quantum computer, no where in the brain is a disk database.

No matter how hard we look for this or memory with in the brain it will never be found.

My instinct has taught me how to feel, see and interpret all of my bio-field/aura and how it works. We have our own magnetosphere the same as the earth and when we sleep we are wifi regenerating our cells to give us the energy to live the awake self each day. Same theory as Tesla and wifi electricity.

My passion of life is to live, share and wishfully feel others of us reprogramming our instinct to be more of our awake self's as this has brought me awareness that is so vast, so huge it overwhelms me every day.

Knowing where this physiological intelligence and learning how to interpret this energy from other people, animals, plants, rocks, the entire planet has opened a door to the world with in the world that has no boundaries, no limits and no constraints of any kind.

In conclusion and never the end, tip's hat

Free your self of your own emotional involvement there is more awareness then your imagination is allowing you to find and it is right inside you.

Kevin Baker January, 2020

About Ignacio

Since 2011, Ignacio has put together some provocative and actionable living ideas into an entertaining trilogy of books published on Amazon, Bubok or Google Books.

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English Books Google Books Paper Back, Kindle — The biggest fake, All dogs are Labradors, A life in a second

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