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Diamond Princess. What can we expect from COVID-19?

The ability of the virus to reproduce and infect is something not seen in the world at a global level, regardless of the degree of development of any country. It's hitting all of us at the same time.

My way of seeing it is positive, despite having cases of very close relatives who have recently been taken to another level by this epidemic.

Far from diminishing the importance, what I want to achieve in this post is to reflect most of the positive points that this moment is bringing to us. In my opinion, humanity as a group will emerge from this crisis much stronger. The generosity and the conscience for the others is going to come out reinforced. The consciousness for taking care of the planet and ourselves will come out reinforced. The leaving aside of our selfish differences in order to integrate those of others will come out reinforced. Studying new ways to generate "well-being" will come out reinforced. In addition, two moments are already approaching: One is that a critical mass has been overcome and immunized against the virus, and another is that a vaccine is ready to prevent the death of those most vulnerable. I would like to acknowledge and thank all those who are consciously doing their bit today to prevent this virus from taking away the weakest groups, sacrificing their time of freedom for the sake of social confinement and distance. Bravo for all of you! Of course we thank the entire system of health, transport, supply and generation of basic goods. Also, independently of political issues, to all the people who instead are thinking more of their neighbors than of themselves. Thanks to all of you! Having said that, and in order to visualize a concrete case of COVID-19 with its impact and consequences as if it were a whole country, I am going to analyze the data from the Diamond Princess Cruise, where more than 3000 passengers have been confined and exposed to COVID-19, passing through all stages of the virus, until today. The numbers and its impact

Within reach of all is that you can read all the references and studies that demonstrate the follow-up done since the first case was detected on the cruise and how it spread, infected and impacted its passengers by age group, and sex.

Source: From February 5th (first positive) to February 20th (and until today), the 3063 passengers and crew of the crossing have been tested, of which there have been 712 positive cases, with 10 deaths and 15 people who are now in a more critical state, as you can see in the approximate line 43 of this list of countries (and cruise ships) affected until today From the reading of the data you can see what in the case of an entire country can mean that a whole country was exposed to the virus from start to finish. Of the 712 positive people, more than half have no symptoms at all and the other half have only mild symptoms, while the rest of the 2,300 people have not even been infected. That is, 70% of the cruise ship has resisted the first attack. With this article I simply want to bring you some real data on what is happening and we can wait by country for each of you to draw your own conclusions. I am also promoting in the social networks that regardless of our ideas, education, ways of thinking, ideologies, religion or race, we are now more than ever all together and sharing positive things that we can do for each other. Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and drop our rings for the common good. That for me is the good, the struggle for all of us to help each other. More than ever I ask you now to share this and other things of your harvest, and your own sweat with others so that positive example reigns over fear and doubt. Without further ado, a humble servant bids farewell with a big hug About the Author Since 2011, I have gathered some provocative ideas in an unconventional trilogy of books published in Amazon, Bubok or Google Books. 500 people have already read them. Books in Spanish Bubok En Papel, Kindle - La gran farsa maestra, Todos los perros son Labradores, Una vida en un segundo If you want them in English you can also get them here on Amazon Kindle Any projects to work on or write about together? Any conferences you want me to participate in? - Contact You can watch me on Youtube and subscribe to receive unique videos. I am giving away a free copy of the book #Lagranfarsamaestra see more at this link How? Write me an email with any idea, tool or trick you are using today to improve your life and I will give you a book of the trilogy.

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