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Bounce forward, what´s that?

Today is a hard and bad day. This is how I feel now, after someone close told me a German homeless called Markus passed away today.

Markus had been living and sleeping for the last 3 years in a public bench facing lately ridiculously cold and humid nights (the photo is not him)

Photo by Leroy Skalstad on Unsplash

I was personally shopping for him, as some others around the neighborhood, offering him help and support to cover his basic daily needs. Food, water and a pinch of love in the form of time, conversation and greetings.

It was sad to know his story, his wife and daughter seemed to have died in a car accident, and from there he left on foot Germany reaching Catalonia with with zero material possessions. I can imagine for him there were not many more things giving him what he felt for the ones he loved.

This intro has been necessary for me to introduce the concept of bouncing forward, and what for some people means too.

Bounce back is the average

We keep reading and listening in the news, freelances and people using the bounce back term to mean when someone takes a setback, suffers, takes the pain and comes back hopefully in some a more experienced and "better" human shape for the lesson learned.

Most of the average humans, group in which I consider I´m, take more or less time to bounce back to the place others believe you or me need to be, better than before.

But what if I told you there is another way? The way of the warrior, the silent warrior Markus showed me.

A way in which there is no bounce back, because we are always in the place we need to be. We might just need to know and experience each second as the best it can be, where is painful or happy.

Then I came to think, "hell! I don´t want to disdain any second. I can just bounce and flow forward". As in my mind back has a non-evolving and stuck meaning.

And not evolving means I would be disregarding each second life is bringing to me for me just to be, appreciate, give thanks for and live in the present moment, without leaving my past experiences or future expectations impacting it at all.

Coming back to Markus. I was speaking with him just 6 days ago. He was alive and he was teaching me (again) the lesson.

I was urging him to take some measures or probably the cold nights would at some point prevent him to wake up the next day.

He was laughing back to me and saying these nights in Germany were simply a bit fresh, nothing serious. And I could not pay attention to what he was really telling me. He was happy there, he did not need anything else but living each second then, and I was nobody to tell him what was needed for him.

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

So from now on when I read or think about bouncing back, I will remember Markus and his fearless smile, telling me to bounce forward and stay calm and happy.

In memory of the beloved Markus, the German who taught me to live, love and think now.

Big hugs,


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