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A Message from another dimension. For 2020 and beyond.

A few days ago I was driving to Madrid from Catalonia where I currently reside to spend a few days with family and friends.

On the way something happened to me that is difficult to explain but easy to feel when one is "open" to "things" that many believe to be crazy.

Several of my deceased loved ones and family members sent me a simple and clear message:

"Remember us, but from love and not from fear. Remember our happy and not so happy moments. And in doing so, think that we are okay where we are and that your existence is more important than yourself. Use love and put aside your fear.

I communicated this message as I could to my family during this Christmas. Some were incredulous, surprised. At the same time others said they believed it, without hesitation.

Before continuing with the deeper message they transmitted to me, I wanted to thank the living and the dead who have influenced me, making me who and how I am today.

Thanks to Juan Ignacio, my father who is no longer around to give me a spectacular life and to have taught me to think of others before myself.

Also to my grandfather Conrado, according to my father, the best person he ever knew, for teaching me that making others happy is very simple and easy and as he said, it is free.

Thanks to my grandmother Juana, my mother's mother, who is not here either, for having taken care of me so much and taught me to laugh even at my own shadow.

Thanks to my uncle Raimundo, who taught me to love music and life with an uncontainable passion. I think I owe him the courage to go on crazy adventures in the wild nature.

Thanks, from here on to the livingones. To my mother for being an example of daily effort, and showing me how important is taking care of friends and family and making real efforts to change and be a better person. Thanks to you mother, as because of you I am a better person, whenever I can.

Thanks also to my aunt Alicia and uncle Luis for having given me unforgettable moments with so much love.

Thanks to my sister Andrea for taking care of my mom when I'm not around.

Thanks to Liberto and Rosario for having given Rubia, Iker and me such a precious and human opportunity to live and work.

And of course thanks to my dear Rubia for pushing me beyond and putting up with me with love and courage, every day.

And an endless number "thank yous". And thanks to many more and to life in general.

The message for 2020 goes like this

- Judge less and listen more.

- Change fear and "not doing", for proactive courage.

- Have deeper conversations.

- Have fewer opinions and integrate others´.

- Consume less and give more.

- Complain less and give more thanks from your heart.

- Be freer and wilder.

- Love more without expecting anything in return.

- Appreciate Mondays and take advantage of them more.

- Love nature. Pick up more trash, even if it's not yours.

- Think more about what is not you and your delimited circle.

- Make a stranger´s day happier every day.

- Demand less, give more.

- Put more effort and energy into what is not you.

- Learn more for a greater purpose than yourself.

- Give without expecting anything in return.

- Trade fear for love.

- Let Christmas and its spirit not be 10 days, but every second of life.

In my case, I will put effort in getting several of those points as much as possible, because when I die I want people to remember me for having contributed in a small part to make their lives a little bit better, by having crossed their paths. That's something that in my case, is worth living for.

See you later, sending the best of the energies from the dimension that we perceive and the other not so much, to the world, planet and universe.

Happy 2020, happy second we live in.

Big hug,


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