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What does really matter?

During the last months I have integrated more a very simple assumption I was defending in previous posts and occasions.

What really matters in life is what really matters, dot. This is a simple assumption and can lead to hours of never-ending discussions and tribulations.

But again what really matters in this life is to be alive. And to be alive in the best condition and not dead in our hearts, souls, minds.

For that we need to be brave enough to see, feel, recognize and act according to our guts. To be brave enough to stand for what we feel and what we believe is fair. What is aligned to our values and cope with difficult situations, respecting others in their opinions, feelings and emotions, but not letting those differences to tear us apart, but to unite us.

Life, Miguel Ángel and I need your help

To make an impact, leave a positive legacy and investigate around the “Sudden Death” cases. Just in Spain there are more than 30.000 cases a year. I can´t imagine how many more in Europe. We might be talking around over a million cases. In many of which a correct treatment and early on diagnosis could save many lives.

I wrote before to support Miguel Ángel and his outstanding work and documentaries filmography. He has filmed and directed courageous, innovative and risky documentaries around the globe.

To name couple:

  • The Haiti disaster, being the first person in the world to be there after the devastation, shooting one of the most human and impactful documentaries I´ve ever seen. Check it out here.

  • One of his most recent jobs has been My name is Gennet, on which I wrote another article and out of he is still getting recognition over the world. This one is about the first blind-deaf person in the world to obtain the teacher bachelor, so to become the first one in teaching others with the same difficulties to life a less fear life and become what they want to, using a their bravery and a system to communicate which is effective and followed. Check the post for more info

  • And many more I invite to check in his personal website

Consider donating. Do something bigger than yourself

Inspired by many living heroes, I have written a book, the third of a trilogy willing to donate to this world, something it almost cost my life.

On the topic of wasting it doing everything others wanted from me, to keep me from my truth and purpose. The name of the book is “A life in a second” because it can take just one second to be real and truth to ourselves to have the life we want for us to be.

And many of us will die without having had this courageous moment in life to stop and say to ourselves, enough!. I got enough of lies, deceives, and negativism about myself, complaining about others because I just don´t have the courage to look inside me with a deep look. And if I get there, I might finally forgive myself and act according to my real self.

And that truth is the one Miguel Ángel has been living on and following luckily for him for the last years, in which he had a close encounter to death and a revelation so he has been dedicating his work and life to others causes, mostly the ones related to truths many of us don´t want to look at because it´s so unfair and painful we just want to keep looking the other side.

And because of that I will keep supporting him and the last cause he is going to be focused for the next months.

He is working already on this next documentary to with over 300 doctors, and experts to prove there is an alternative to many of the “Sudden Death” cases happening in the world if we invest time and resources.

If you believe this is worthy case, consider donating to invest on this matter and help Miguel Ángel and many others in this situation get a life which is worth living.

For donations get in touch with Miguel Ángel via

  • Minimum contribution for individuals 100 euro

  • Minimum contribution for companies 6.000 euro

Thank you for just reading across, and help us to make this more impactful if possible by sharing and liking.

Amongst the ones who will share this and make noise, Miguel Ángel will personally select a couple of you to be invited to the pre-launching session on cinemas.

Best in the meantime, and live!


About the author

Since 2011, I have put together some provocative and actionable living ideas into an entertaining trilogy of books published on Amazon, Bubok or Google Books. Go get them if you feel called.

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