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The 5 AM Club, why you should read it

It’s been a while since publishing last. But better late than never.

Currently I’m at one of my most loved spots in Dublin getting inspired, feeling grateful and doing one of the things in the world I enjoy the most, producing something forever. Writing.

Robin's Sharma book cover by I. G.

Copyright @ Robin Sharma’s Book Cover

For those ones who follow Robin Sharma, simply a quick wake up call. Don’t just think because you follow him regularly you already know all what his last book offers, as you will learn and discover many more granular insights thoughtfully, gracefully and entertainingly presented in The 5 AM Club.

I must confess at the beginning of the read, felt I could get no more than what Robin usually shares across different videos, posts or seminars, but I was wrong.

In fact, pretty wrong.

For the ones who are reading this post now and don’t know Robin Sharma, I’ll avoid even sharing any link referring to any of the Robin’s presentations, posts or videos.

I’ll just recommend you to type his name online and find whatever it comes, as you will find any just insightful, revealing, vibrant and provocative, on the topic of the human foundation. The 4 pillars: Mind, Heart, Body and Soul.

So what?

As the title of the post pretty much introduces, I would like to name some of the brain, heart, and soul mantras you can get by investing time and focus on his last release.

The title of the book itself is quite see-through, but the best of it is you will find a great novel, with brilliantly presented characters with their own living stories, and intriguing levels. It will be accompanied and marinated with a superb narrative and picture of colours, landscapes, moments, fragrances, feelings and emotions which literally will take you and make you live the way the character is feeling at each moment.

It will touch you heart and gut.

I’m amazed by the quality of the book without any doubt.

Finally I came to see and feel why Robin took so much time refining this master piece over the last years.

The 5 AM club will not only give you granularity on mastery to such great level, tactics and actions to follow, but also will without any doubt will help you to get vividly entertained throughout the process, which in my humble opinion is such a tough task at hand to make happen.

Robin does it, and thanks to it, me and many more can benefit from his 20 years old experience coaching and learning from the very best in sports, business, music, arts, and other fields of living for living a life worth living, to die in a heroic way without mattering your previous life experience or background.

This book will help you if you are willing to put your own effort in becoming the best shade of yourself, so when you will die on the very last breath you can look back and feel it was worth living your life.

Without any more to say, but a lot to try, test, and do keep the effort for what is worth it up and make a difference, and if you want to invest in making this world a better place, do you part.

Recommended song of the week — Jack Savoretti — Catapult

All the best,

Ignacio Gallo Campos

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English Books Google Books Paper Back, Kindle — The biggest fake, All dogs are Labradors, A life in a second

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