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My Name is Gennet. When humans defy the impossible

This is probably the post I feel most proud and humbled to be part of, just writing it.

And that is because the person I’m going to introduce and his God father are both people incarnating values I truly admire in people.

Copyright @MiguelAngelTobias

Ruthless perseverance, immeasurable courage, true faith in themselves and higher drive pursue every day of their lives.

And the way our paths crossed was highly intentional-accidental.

I was at home trying to convince my wife to watch with me a TED Talk about a person I had just discovered online.

This person is Miguel Angel Tobias, the protagonist’s God Father, who recently published a book about a very close encounter with death and his miraculously story on how he survived a full night below 0 alone in the Peruvian Andes.

And then I watched his outstanding presentation on TEDx Seville on a documentary he is about to release in Cinemas in April, telling a story about someone incredible special, who will not leave anyone indifferent who dares to dive into the movie.

After watching this TEDx I wrote Miguel Angel an email with the clear intention of getting to know each other better so I could support and collaborate in any way on spreading the great message behind his work. He replied and we got with some ideas.

Miguel Angel himself decided to leave it all behind 15 years ago to travel the world and film and produce remarkable documentaries which are changing the world and helping people get support when they most need it, creating sustainable missions to show the planet how we can do better together.

He has been able not only to produce prodigious movies – documentaries but also in doing so, get financial and medical support to be re-invested in global well-known calamities such as, Haiti - SUEÑOS DE HAITÍ / DREAMS OF HAITI

He produced the first documentary in the world just 3 weeks after the Earthquake happened, which is still giving away benefits fully re-invested in the victims.

He also helped Nepal with RISING NEPAL and others GURBA, THE CONDEMNED. check his filmography and foundation here.

Miguel Angel has devoted a vast amount of his life and energy into this “greater than himself mission” to help and give voice to masses making a real difference in many people’s lives. Change is something we all want to see, but not many are willing to do.

As the great Wayne Dyer quotes – “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”

And here it comes the main protagonist of the movie, a real person called Gennet.

The documentary-movie will be showcased on main screens soon all across Spain and Europe in April, so stay tuned.

If you want to see an advance, check it out - My Name is Gennet - Official Trailer (choose English subtitles below the video where CC).

The movie tells the incredible and outstanding story of the first deaf -blind person in Europe to get full bachelor as teacher, who currently work as a teacher for deaf blind people teaching them how to communicate and overcome their huge limitations in a world designed for many but surely not for them.

Imagine your entire life being a continuous dark silenced box, in which you can’t even communicate or interact with the outer world.

Imagine you live in a cave where you can’t escape from, whilst you can’t hear or see anything.

And then imagine one day you have the courage, and strength to start facing all those fears and enormous limitations, making the darkest fear look smaller and smaller, reaching what nobody has before, by believing in yourself in such a way that limitations turn into opportunities.

And we are talking of probably just a few geniuses out there, who were not born prodigies. They just decided no limitation would mark their own future, for the greatness of what they were choosing to fight for, no matter what.

And yes, you can compare Gennet to historic heroes such as Nelson Mandela, Muhamad Ali, Gandhi, Mother Theresa or some other much less known as Camile Etienne, Chantalle Jean Louis (some of the Haitian “regular heroes”) and others you might have known, such as your father, grand-mother, who during human sorrow have decided to give time and energy to care for others in despair, leaving their own egos and own egoistic needs aside.

Gennet, these regular people, even the well-known game changers mentioned, if you read their biographies it was not by chance they knew their mission was higher than themselves as Gennet.

And they knew they would have to push beyond their pain and fears beyond where many dare to. But they were no different in DNA or genetics than you or me, they just chose it was worth to fight for a bigger cause to make other people’s lives better in the future, and not to limit their lives to what fear or society dictate is possible.

They sacrificed their own comfort zones for the good of many, even though knowing by doing so they would be suffering most of their time.

By doing so and understanding what living a real life means, they decided to leave a trace beyond what we are all told to do.

They all decided to live beyond themselves, beyond their fear, and pain.

If you liked what was shared, do not hesitate to help the documentary message to spread, so many more can be inspired to change a little thing which tomorrow can be massive for many.

Keep the effort for what is worth it up and make a difference, and if you want to invest in making this world a better place, do your part!

Ignacio Gallo Campos

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