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How to become a sales pro in 13 days

Spend time in creating a document of buyer Personas to discover who you are selling to and what drives them and to be able to add them tons of value with your interaction. Selling will be a natural consequence, so will be buying.

  • Buyer Persona

  • Pains / Needs

  • Triggers

  • Values

No matter the role, but knowing how adding value and entertaining them is key (i.e Director IT, HR, Owner, Receptionist, Marketing Manager, etc)

Talk about the pain ASAP, no matter which channel, call, email or video

1. First 13 seconds

2. First 2 lines of an email / 2 sentences of a Video

Role play big on the objections rather than having a very extensive Sales Pitch, and make relevant notes to be kept/shared in a folder for you / your team (a “living” document for every day, where you will record your learnings from your interactions)

Use the 33% rule first 73 seconds

· Engage using similarities (NLP, RRSS investigation such as linkedin, twitter on those points you genuinely liked about the person)

· Talk about the need using the fear of losing technique

· Create Urgency to close the action (before day xxx)

Build business cases, success case, have referrals and testimonials. Use them in the first minute and/or line of your email.

Quantify benefit or loss for presenting the Fear/loss or jealousy — companies as yours not using this properly are having these problems (hours lost, clients lost, how many clients are losing companies due to lack of this

Use Give aways / promotion if buying before x date, I offer you 15 min free consultation, free piece of work on (template) / that if you buy before or if you subscribe to this premium list

Add value through reading relevant Blogs to subscribe/videos to watch free

Example of interesting Post (on sales) — From an introvert to a first class sales professional

Please do share your tips and ideas and if you liked don’t hesitate to connect, and do subscribe.

Wishing you a great 2019!

Ignacio Gallo Campos

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