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Why Multi-tasking = Nonsense-tasking

Many people still believe strongly multi-tasking is something of value to practice and mention, or to be proud of being practised daily.

And this belief is very far from reality as multi-tasking is the non-efficient ability to start one thing and without having finished it, start another one, and another one and another until the list is bigger than the task itself.

Studies reveal the high damage this causes to the health of any human being practising this wrongly appointed as good habit in the short term and (much worse) in the long term.

To know: anxiety, stress, emotional in-satisfaction and cortisol accumulation, cells degeneration and irreversible damage to our brains, heart, and other vital organs.

Now coming to know this, it’s our choice to keep practising it or start realising of its side effects, so we can put some remedy.

Some proven advice that works

You can read hundreds of thousands of different tips online. Or you can start doing something to change the way you do things from tomorrow on. Why not trying at least one of these:

  1. Writing on paper 3 things to avoid tomorrow - those you did today and did not help you being happier or accomplishing any of your major goals. You can use any calendar to program the rare daily recurrent activity of noting them down so next day you can review them and realize what you were able to change or avoid doing.

  2. By the simple fact of repeating this easy exercise (at least 6 times) you will generate a real change and new neuro-paths on your brain. Scientists and doctors have proven it only takes six times of doing something different or being exposed to a change to start effectively changing learned habits or behaviours.

  3. Learning and practice assertiveness (saying no with meaning and reason why) will save you tons of energy and time in daily draining routines not working to your benefit today. And most importantly, on those which really matter.

  4. Giving real meaning to the word PRIORITY. This very used word pretends to give you real sense of what’s important and urgent. To our means, which is that critical task today is going to make your rest of the day glow. If you know it, write it down, and don’t start anything else until you close this one.

  5. Setting the 3 goals a day policy. Before opening you email and start multi-tasking once again. Clear your mind in the beginning of the day by writing down the 3 most critical things you want to complete this given day. No matter what you will make them come true. Start with the most complicate ones first or the ones taking less than 10 minutes to make happen.

  6. Practising meditation 2 times a day, for 5 min each.

  7. Drinking 2.5 litres of water, and if you can, make the first litre come in before the first 3 hours of your day.

  8. Keeping an I can learn from anyone attitude helping you to be better next day because you listened to someone who could help you. This will make you incorporate a new idea you did not believe in, making yourself get out of your comfort zone. You will prove yourself you were able to try and put in practice something really different observing what positive effects this causes in you.

  9. Making your own research from other sources at hand on what have been recommended here to make sure this is really going to help you accomplish less but better, being happier along the whole process called life.

If any of the topics mentioned here resonate with you in some way, give a try to my work on the subject. Check it out here - a life in a second.

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Ignacio Gallo Campos

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