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How to live 3 lives in 1? (without dying whilst trying)

The key resides in personal 3 key aspects

· Motivation (Meaning, Personal Attitude)

· Time organization (How to)

· Action (doing proactively, instead of thinking)

Several well-known specialists break down this trinomia, offering a wide range of easy to implement actions to make this utopic subject a reality.

Simply read Robin Sharma, have a look at his last release the 5 am club. Or Greg McKeown on this master piece Essentialism thedisciplined pursue of less, but better, and another great one, Slipstream time hacking from Ben P. Hardy.

...You can start just waking up an hour earlier every day and do something valuable for you (body, mind, heart, soul)

If you really want to make improvements in the relevant topic of your life and what you can accomplish, these are valuable and insightful books you should dive into, to put in practice some of the very simple hacks they present to see what happens next, with your own life.

Same inputs, Same outcomes

This life is a try and error game. If we don’t try to change, to acquire, to test different and simple things, we will never evolve.

Opportunities will never come to our door on their own, we will need to put in the hours, skills, practice and experience in life to evolve.

It’s easy to blame our environment and everything else around us when things don’t happen for us the way we want to.

What we need to ask ourselves then what is that new thing we are trying to get different results than the current ones. And if we don’t like them, what are we proactively putting into action to change that.

I know it’s easy to talk and difficult to change. However you can still choose, keep talking or pick a book and read it in couple of weeks.

And then underline couple of great inputs you can to give a chance to change your current status quo.

My personal recommendation is to pick the topic or idea you like the least (but you know is really making you evolve) or you are most afraid of trying and little by little do it, observing the changes you get when doing them.

You might be amazed of how easy is to move to A to B by folding a paper in 2 and interloping the paper with a pencil. It does happen the same in reality, we can fold time in 2 and go from A to B in a second. The real thing is, are we willing to risk our current comfort and go for it?

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My little work on the subject can be found and read both online and paper book format. Check it out here - a life in a second

Ignacio Gallo Campos

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