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Not surprised you made it

I’ve seen you putting in the hours, the time, the attitude, the dedication. Not just once, twice or ten times but every second of your existence.

What have you accomplished? Anything you wanted, why? Because you decide where the ceiling is. No matter if big or small. Sometimes the best things in life are the smallest. And those ones are the ones having the highest impact on any person’s happiness.

What did you do to make it? What do you do to still make it?

What do you practice every single day to make it, whatever you want to be, become or accomplish?

1. Knowing your purpose — goal which leads you through adversity, failure, happiness or sadness. That purpose is bigger and higher than yourself and any of the emotions you feel in the way

2. Practicing humbleness to recognize you can learn from anyone, anytime. You are open (mind, soul and heart) to try and recognize you are not more than bones and skeleton. Nothing makes you better than other. Just the same simple the same insignificant frugality.

3. Putting in the hours. Do what not many are willing to. Showing up again and again. Put yourself at the service of the others. Anytime, any moment. Seeking a perpetual balance.

4. Taking care of yourself, being careful with the incomes you get from your environment, energy, people you interact with, food you intake and habits — hobbies you build. And you build them because it takes a whole life to do so.

5. Being open to change and challenge as if it was the first time over and over again.

6. Understanding love is not a contract or something which should come from someone to you or vice versa. The only place love exists is your heart, your soul and place. You are the only one capable of generating, absorbing and transforming it. Never expect love coming back from anyone but you.

7. Detaching yourself from the things, people or any other material object you can see around. As that will be a burden preventing you to grow accepting the present moment as the most perfect moment you can handle and appreciate for the measly fact of being happening.

8. Recognizing and accepting the bad feelings, fears and judgements you are making most of the time. Just stop observe them and let them pass by. They are not truly yours. They are just by default helping you survive to all the dangers around. Just see most of them don’t exist. Not anymore since we were living in the nature and had to fight the weather and beasts. (at least a big percentage of the current lucky developed countries).

9. Going back to your roots. Never forget who you are and where you belong to. The nature. Go back and create bonds with the mother nature. Let it come back to you if you lost it and create the moments and spaces to be linked and appreciate the greatness of a tree, a river or a mountain, you are made of exactly the same elements.

If you came to read and feel connected to at least one of the ideas and concepts expressed in this short passage, it means you are interested in changing you status quo, in any sense, meaning or form.

Then don’t let it just be a moment of thought. Pick a pen, your mobile for a moment and make that thought be words, and then a plan and finally small daily actions.

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If you want to put in practice some ideas, check out the essay a life in a second

Ignacio Gallo Campos

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