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To love or to fear, that is the question (and how this affects our leadership)

Prestigious artists like Jim Carrey, Eric Prydz, or Will Smith magically describe with music and words what it means to live under one or the other and the consequences we may face living our lives with a predominance of any of love or fear. This is our everyday choice and no one else’s.

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This can provide us with meaning or unease.

Not only artists, actors, scientists but also the most relevant coaching and mentoring tools today use these 2 factors to determine our current performance, fulfilment and happiness at living or working, describing a more control-reactive pattern or another much more productive-proactive-creative.

Bob Anderson, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Daniel Goleman and some other top 50 most influential people on this planet in the field of leadership have different models to determine which of the different leaderships styles we are adopting now.

And the most interesting thing to know about leadership is it’s all about DRIVE oneself, not others. Others might follow because they share the same DRIVE, vision or values.

Any of us can be described based on these leadership models, giving us a result based on the predominance of one or another leadership attitudes, which just gives us just the picture and the awareness of the current choices we are making to grow or to stagnate.

An important point to know is we have the power to decide and act at every stage of our existence, to determine who we want to become and what we do to get there.

The most relevant piece of advice to take from wise people mentioned in this post or others is we can and should be our own leaders, when we put in place actions, attitude and will to keep growing, learning, sharing and improving in our 4 core human pillars (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).

The rest is just a consequence.

Who is a Leader?

Every one is a leader, regardless the rules of the game we play in, once we have decided that is the game we want to play in.

The company we work for, the friends we have, the partners we choose, and the influences we surround of are our own choices, so to lead our life we really need to know this - we are producing our present.

We have full ownership and responsibility on this precious time we have now. What we do with this time and most importantly how we live this time is our full business.

Blaming others for our present is not going to help us feel better with ourselves, neither achieving a new goal.

Fear will prevent us to improve our current situation.

Love otherwise will help us go through fear, pain and doubt. Love will give us strength, courage and resilience. Love will help us forgiving, rebooting, resetting, giving us the permission to re-start, initiate and progress, transforming current assumptions, beliefs and education into great opportunities, and most importantly will give us a fulfilment sensation of seeing changes in those things we do and have.

The only thing preventing us to become our best shade in everything we decide to do is our own fear. Knowing this and taking some actions will help us to live a life of opportunities versus a life of limitations.

Now knowing this, we can start listening to new ideas and putting them into action. These ideas will not be a reality unless we write them down, we set a plan and we start moving the needle. The toughest part is usually these are the things we want to do less. No pain, no gain.

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Ignacio Gallo Campos

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