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Why do we always want more?

Why just when we start enjoying what a second ago, a life ago was an aspiration (or another check of the wish list) we are still hungry for the next thing in the list.

There are many reasons why, as many as people populating the planet, however there is a very common denominator.

What it really happens if we are not able to control those emotions, is we are removing from that moment itself the beauty of simply enjoy it.

And what is really the point in desiring something so much for when it comes we are not able to enjoy it?

Why are we so evilly designed to waste the joy of enjoying the present moment as it comes?

We would be much happier by just enjoying the present moment as it comes, as we would then remove the deceiving part of having a present less great as we were imagining it.

Coming back to the main title question, why when we just got there, we want to start the come back? Why when we are just there our mind is already on the next thing to come?

Well the answer once again is not complicated at all. Quick explanation. Our wonderful reptile brain is playing tricks on us, and wasting the ability of enjoying the present moment, just to play its role – keeping us alive.

So…How can we improve the quality of our moments?

First of all, we need to admit none of us is special or unique, even though Hollywood, our parents, and beloved ones keep us telling us the story. What really makes us different in the end is how we choose to use our time, the choices we make with it and a bit of luck is what makes us different in the end. Based on purely genetics, we are 99% similar.

To continue with, recognize and be really aware, we are just animals. Yes, regardless of our choices, genetics, education, role in the company we work for, or type of clothes we decide to wear, football team we chose to support or country we were born, we are far from being goddess. You, as me, are a bit more advanced animal in the end, an animal, with animal instincts. So assume, understand it, and work it out.

Practice and study mental, emotional, spiritual and physical “arts”. Whichever you decide. But find a hobby on those fields. Meditation, yoga, any sport, generosity, mindfulness, awareness. You like it or not that animal you are and that reptilian brain you have makes you think bad/ly most of your daily 50000 thoughts and emotions you come across. Just being aware of that and applying consistently practice, a few of those negative thoughts a day could be substituted consciously by some other positive or creative ones, taking us to a higher state of mind and vibration levels, detaching from us a bit of the reptile and bringing rationality. This technique practiced daily is proven to bring so many benefits for our health. It can be called the cross fit games of the mind and the heart.

Give more, ask for less. And don’t just do it expecting correspondence for what you give. Give for free.

Pursue the hard way, rather than the easy way. Find the beauty in pain and work it out. This mind-set will make your life problems a common ground where you will be even able to “enjoy” or see problems in a different way when they present to you.

Surround yourself with greatness and passion for life, generosity and positivism. Get close to friends, colleagues and partners filled with inspiration, and share.

Help the ones you are most likely not wanting to help, to grow your resilience and vibration levels.

Learn a new discipline every year. Music, Arts, Cooking, Plumbing, Building, Languages, whichever it’s. Pick one, focus, and make it happen.

By doing so you will increase your immune systems and will develop new neuronal pathways in your brain (plasticity). Your brain will never be the same. It will just expand.

Find solutions and actions per each excuse you are making today, as your reptilian brain is preventing you to grow. Do different things, find new ways. Try difficult things. Face the situations you excuses keep delaying.

Practice delayed gratification.

And finally laugh more freeing endorphins.

If you want to know more, give a try to the trilogy a life in a second.

In the meantime, enjoy your life.

Ignacio Gallo Campos

Recommended song of the week – Fréro Delavega - Le coeur éléphant

About the author

I giving away a copy of the book a life in a second. How? If you get in touch and participate on one “unique interview” where you share any idea, tool or trick for life hacking.

Since 2011, I have put together in a trilogy of books published on Amazon, Bubok or Google Books.

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English Books Google Books Paper Back, Kindle – The biggest fake, All dogs are Labradors, A life in a second

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