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Why we don't like to wait

But we love to do, to try, to reach, to discover, to travel, to read, to not stop, to talk, to discuss, and to see new things “out there”.

And what happen once we've done, tried, reached, discovered or travelled?

We keep having an impetuous desire inside telling us to keep searching for more emotions out there, without stopping to begin again.

Usually what happen is we never get this desire satisfied, and we want more and more. We will never get enough.

Because what we are continuously searching for is closer than we think, but more difficult to find.

Because finding that something is frightening. It requires finding something we are ashamed of or we think is not important enough to dedicate the same effort we put in making enough money to go on holidays.

But we might discover once we discover that little thing it’s really worth it. As once we find it we will never have the urgency to keep doing, acquiring, or desiring.

Might be the case the only thing we need to discover is inside us and around at the same time.

What is probable is we will never find it whilst expecting the outside to show us.

If we don't really like to wait, why do we keep waiting?

Probably because we are too scared to act and feel alone in that introspective trip.

Because we do not want to realize in the end we are alone.

However being alone and feeling alone is quite different.

Because might be the case when we realize we are alone, we will discover our uniqueness and meaning at the same time.

And also we are the same thing as everybody else, and then we might feel much more connected with the outside and we might stop blaming everything else but ourselves for our unhappiness, and once for all discover the only place we can be happy and rest in peace is us, connected 100% with the rest.

This path, which is not a path but an attitude and an option, requires courage and do, act, think and see things not others choose to do, think or see.

However, it for sure it deserves at least a try, as the discovery is priceless. A try, which we might never regret to have tried.

As once we start following the signs, more signs will appear and lead us, removing the feeling of “what a terrible world we live in” for “this is the place where I want to be and belong to”.

And probably we will realize we were just a second, a millimetre to get it, we were just not taking the chance to let it go and face all our fears, beliefs and egos to try it.

Why not giving a try to be vulnerable, to be stop judging continuously and to be ourselves once for all, more consciously

No need to swap for millionaires or those “lucky ones”. We are on the same way potentially capable of being and feeling the way we choose or want. Just because of ourselves, not because anybody else tells us how to be, think or feel.

We are just a second away. Give a try to that second; give a try to the trilogy a life in a second

In the meantime, just be

Ignacio Gallo Campos

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