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What we can’t see – And how it does impact our daily lives

Actualizado: 31 mar 2020

Since the beginning of the human era, thousands of human beings have tried to be more linked to the spiritual side. Linked to things we cannot see.

Not only because that unknown is in itself attractive but also because most of us we are confident there is something else. Something we cannot see.

We are not talking here about religion, goddess or supernatural powers. We are talking about energy. As the hormones or the WI-FI, we cannot see them or touch them, but they do exist and move our lives.

Most of us will remember the movie 300. The particular scene where Leonidas is able to reach the unapproachable Jerjes by just doing something different, and as the narrator beautifully says;

“His helmet was stifling, it narrowed his vision, he must see beyond. His shield was heavy, threw him off balance. His target is far away”.

How many times we do feel exactly the same way in life, so we cannot see what we should see.

We should see our power and energy could lead us anywhere, anytime. Most important wherever and however we want to be.

In the film, Leonidas is finally able to see beyond and clearly. He was able to do what no other human being could not. He was able to reach the impossible, the unattainable, after believing something different could be done to get there, removing all those weights from him.

He removed unnecessary heavy weights from him for the task in stake.

Risky too, as for the fear of suffering terrible consequences (all of them in his mind). It did not matter for him. Not that day. Not enough for changing it all, once for all.

If we take Leonidas’ simple and brave example into today’s world, we might find quite fine sameness between what we do and what we really can do.

We might just need to find out our helmets, shields and targets to then place them in the right place so we can see what we cannot usually see to go the next level in whichever we want to accomplish, live or feel.

How could we see beyond?

Not fan of bullet points, however let’s see some simple actionable ones, working not only for Leonidas or superheroes, but for any simple mortal as we all are:

1. Believing it’s possible

2. Looking at normality, differently

3. Reducing toxic influences (people, objects, internet, topics, thoughts)

4. Being aware of the great opportunities around us

5. Doing something different in our routines

6. Reading often, laughing frequently, loving more

7. Searching for solutions when facing problems

8. Sacrificing instant gratification and take reasonable risks

9. Do not giving up when most will. Understanding happiness is a choice, not a gift

None of these points will come easy or happen by chance. All of them will require a re-wire of our own fragile thought process and routines.

Most of us will fail, at first place, maybe even at the second time, but at some point, we might get to a new state. As Alicia Keys sings it in her Empire State of Mind. For her it could be called New York, for others, will power, which could be the most powerful empire the human era has had.

For Leonidas it was his own mind, his own determination to do what nobody else dared to do. To get an outcome, which deserved the risk and time, he put in.

Again, there is no need to be Leonidas, or a super hero to practice these unpretentious, rare and uncommon principles and actions.

Why not giving a try to any of the nine proposed above or any other you might be thinking on now. Once more, just thinking it will not make any difference. Thinking does not exist, neither has any impact on the current status quo.

The only difference between a hero and another human being is that heroes just choose to do, instead of thinking. The actions done do not need to be heroic, just actions.

If you want to get more aware of your power and unfold it, give a try to the trilogy a life in a second.

In the meantime, have a good life, a life that deserved to be lived.

Ignacio Gallo Campos

Recommended song of the week – Alicia Keys - New York Solo

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