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Time hacking — buy simplicity, and time instead of goods

Behind each obstacle there, it lays an opportunity. In the adversity, there it lays thousands of alternatives we can do.

As science says, 92% of the times, we the people will chose to stay in our negative side, without doing anything to overcome quickly the current “tragedy” whichever it’s, happening around us.

There will be a wise and brave minority getting out there of their comfort zones and breaking all their stigmas to face the issue and think of 1001 solutions leaving behind the fear and frustration, using those as fuel to feed their lives and time.

Why some people are able to do this and some others don’t.

The only answer is not genetics, but their will to make the most of their second, minutes, hours, and lives.

They will not invest a single second in frustration or fear but in overcoming those feelings (substituting them with the joy of being alive) as they know death is there.

Most of us will be looking at death when it happens incidentally and naturally to old people in our close circles. Just that (when death is part of live and vice versa)

A real life example: your flight gets 2 hours delayed, after some time of delay, you are called in the bus transporting you to the plane after already 120 minutes delay, which is so packed you cannot even step a centimetre any direction. Bad smelly people not giving a shit for you or your space. Once at the plane the baby behind you starts crying as if there is no tomorrow.

At this situation, the average people will be willing to die or suicide, letting their reptile brains take over their emotions and finally their time.

What has been done of value during those 2 hours of delay makes all the difference in life, not only for having done something but also for overcoming the frustration and bad feelings inside you, filling yourself with joy and peace.

A small minority will be taking advantage of that extra time to observe, read, write or learn something new, to enrich and grow.

This is not genetics, just attitude.

Everyone can have a fantastic CV, skills and knowledge, but worth nothing not being able to control your emotions and attitude once the situation and environment shakes your world in front of you.

Skills, experience and knowledge sums, and attitude aggregates exponentially, attitude multiplies all those skills, experience and knowledge together to make you handle every possible situation imaginable and grow at the same time, living more in the same amount of time.

What you do with your time is critical. Time folding — the concept.

Imagine a simple exercise you and everybody want to go from A (renting) to B (buying a house) in a limited amount of time. The separation between A and B is the same in terms of time, difficulties to reach there, starting point, and equal financial situation.

· For 95% of the people it will take them 20 years to go from A to B.

· 5% of the people will reach there in 4 years instead.

Why is that? If they start with equal options, financial situation, skills, and general possibilities. The answer is simple, attitude.

95% of the people will run the distance between A and B.

5% will fly folding time separation in 2, making the distance from A to B X (being X a substantial difference) times smaller than the average.

This is the time folding theory. How is this possible?

Imagine a piece of paper, on the left hand side you draw a dot called A and on the opposite piece of the same paper you draw a confronted aligned dot B. Both A and B dots are symmetrically separated on the paper.

Therefore, the distance is the physical separation between both dots.

For the average person it’s. For the others (solution seekers and rainmakers) the trick can happen just taking the paper, folding it in two symmetrically aligning both dots at the same level of the folded paper.

Then they will use a pencil to go through the paper and connecting both dots instantly.

This is exactly what a 5% of people can do. However many other could, if the attitude would work towards there.

Hence, this is not because they have special genetics, or because they are goddess in their natural gifts.

It’s simply they are fully aware of their time and how to use it wisely, having in mind the importance of using it the best as the can.

They know death might come at some (any) point so by when that happen, they have lived a full live according to what is most relevant for them.

Usually these people have a clear sense of meaning and why they are here at this present moment.

Probably because they have had a close encounter with death in any of its forms, and they chose to do something about it, whilst they are alive.

So simple as that, but extremely possible to for anyone alive at this present second. It just takes a second to be fully aware of what it means to be alive and the gift it represents.

So stop complaining and feeling frustrated, because you can choose always, all the time.

If you want to get more aware of your time and unfold it, read the trilogy a life in a second

All the best, in the meantime,

Ignacio Gallo Campos

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