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Courage - Loving to fail repeatedly, and keep trying over and over again

Who would in their own sanity be happy to fail over and over again?

The ones who know they have nothing to lose and a lot to win.

Probably the only ones who decide genuinely to stay true to their values over the average.

The ones who are awake enough to meet the real opportunity life means.

The ones who know what means to overcome daily basis the today’s stigma – “you can’t fail”

The ones who really understand failure as a natural way of experience and learn from anyone or anything any moment whilst being alive.

Because they understand life as a process of eternal learning and discovery.

Because they know positively they will do better once they invest more time, at any given task or scenario.

Because every second count, even if those seconds are full of uncertainty and obstacles.

Because the only way is the obstacle. An obstacle means we are lucky to be alive and have the opportunity to find a new way to overcome it.

Just find a new solution to a problem, whichever it’s

Happiness within

Unfortunately and contrary to most of today ways of understanding success, most of the theories out there will tell you happiness can come only from having, growing, accumulating and getting this or that.

The truth is happiness will never come from anything outside of ourselves.

We are the only ones with full potential to find a meaning, develop a sense and design the happiness of each day.

For being able to design this happiness every day, it is essential to have a common denominator guiding us all the time.

This common denominator is called “bigger purpose". One bigger than ourselves or anything we have.

Once we have understood this and realized nothing else is the origin of this happiness, we will be able to understand what it means to be happy and all the effort it takes to be truly happy.

Because it will not come in the form of a car, a house, the lottery or a wonderful family, “We are happiness within, in its full meaning and sense from the inside out. We decide then if leading our life with love or fear”. And we are just a second away of it.

Happiness is a consistent choice to do what it really matters every second, regardless of what “they” will say.

If you want to be truly happy regardless of your position in time or place now, just stop and search within what truly motivates you as a simple feeling.

Put that feeling a name, and take it with you no matter what and whichever forces you will find on the way trying to move you away from it.

Do that intentionally every single day and at some point, it will not be an effort anymore, but your own way, every day.

It will be hard in the beginning as there are many beliefs to break (yours and the ones many others have out there).

It requires taking the hard way rather than the easy one. It requires recognizing we do many things wrong and set concrete actions in place to change that. It requires suffering and finding beauty in pain.

However, at the end of the path, a path that never existed, which is now and just now, (not in the future, nor the past) we will see it was the only way deserving our time, energy and effort.

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Ignacio Gallo Campos

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