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When we collide (and life hits hard)

As Biffy Clyro sings, Many of Horror (When We Collide), we seem to live always alert, always ready for something bad to happen.

The truth is, not that many bad things in life are later happening, luckily.

In addition, the worst can happen is a well-known one, when any of our beloved ones passes away.

Moreover, this is what exactly has happened recently in my closest circle.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do when these things happen.

Apart from being there, being supportive, and letting our beloved know we are there for them to count on us, on anything they need. A conversation, a hug, an hour, a day, whatever.

But there is something important we can learn from this unfortunate events when they happen.

Most of us have already done so much for those ones we lose and we loved. Even though, we even tend to blame us when the real incident happens; what if I had done this, or that, or not done this or that.

This is just a survival reaction from our reptile and limbic brain to the facts happening around us.

However again the reality is we have given so much, voluntarily and with true love to those beloved ones, we cannot blame us for a single second of love we gave them, regardless of not having them with us now.

Still, our mind will try to play tricks on us. Then is where family and friends will help to put things in perspective when we can’t, and we need to let us help us.

That’s why being happy is so hard

Humans, we have been designed to feel anxious and alert all the way down. Because that feeling is what has kept alive all our ancestors when wars and wild animals could rip them apart any moment.

However today in these modern times, we are all usually safe for a vast amount of time, not only because the world population have doubled in the last fifty years from 3 billion to over 6 now, but also because thanks God a big part of the current population is not killing each other as during the past wars.

Here it comes the challenge: envy, egoism, comfort, laziness, abundance or jealousy. If what reign in our daily lives is that, then the animal inside us will dictate what to do, and usually differs to be happy.

For being happy we need to examine what we are doing with our daily time, and how are we managing our emotions, feelings, and actions to direct them towards something worth living for. We need to change instant gratification for gained happiness.

As when the time will come we will not regret what we’ve done, good or bad, but all those things we could have done in our given time to be the best shade of ourselves.

And yes, this will require vast amounts of energy and strength to many times do differently to what many other do, stand up when the majority is not, speak up when most would not, not counting of more support than the one coming from within, and not receiving rewards.

The only reward of being happy is being sure any single action done during the day well deserved our time and energy for the sake of a better world than the one we have now.

Being happy is that hard.

Being happy is not easy, but it deserves our time, energy and effort, whilst we are fortunate enough to be alive.

Have a happy Tuesday.

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Ignacio Gallo Campos

Recommended song of the week — Biffy Clyro — Many of Horror (When We Collide)

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