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The one thing that matters (and nothing else)

As Victor Kuppers says – Be sure the thing that matters the most is that single thing that matters the most, nothing else.

It seems obvious and simple.

However, let me ask a simple question to you. If in the middle of your daily busy day, someone would come to you and ask you that? What would you answer?

Probably you would think that person is awkward, weird and crazy. Who in his/her own judgment (full of ego and lack of presence) would take that question seriously at that time of the day?

However, once more it’s in the simplest questions and concepts where lies the highest power and meaning.

Most of us probably would reply by saying the most important thing for us is being happy, healthy and appreciated. Others might say something different to say there too (hurray for the haters).

I will refer once again to the author of the book Essentialism Gregor McKeown – the disciplined pursuit of less, but better or Benjamin P. Hardy in his masterpiece Slipstream – time hacking.

They both get deeper into the concept we need to learn on saying no to all those things, plans, and actions setting us apart from all those simple but meaningful goals we have in life.

By applying a simple and easy exercise of consciously reducing the daily quantity of non-related to “higher goals” tasks, thoughts and actions we would be accomplishing much more and better.

This can be the simple and daily routine of removing all the noise around us, which daunt us from accomplishing what it makes happier, healthier or feeling loved, regardless of what is the actual objective or action.

Simplify your life by removing non-meaningful actions around you.

If for example for your objective is to be happier, focus on all those real things, emotions, and feelings that make you happy and find a new way to do the highest number of things (given our current environments and circumstances) to get that feeling more a day.

If it’s being healthier, start doing something different a day you know it’s going to be beneficial for your health and keep doing that thing for at least 90 days until it becomes a new routine, so then you can incorporate another one after and keep growing.

If for you, the most important part of your happiness is feeling loved, start doing actions towards loving others around you more, even strangers. Start smiling more, helping others without expecting something in return. Start loving in new ways.

Simple things that work. We are not talking about complex terms or concepts.

Start Doing. Stop talking. Stop thinking

By nature, we are designed to reject any new concept or learning coming from an external agent or person different from ourselves.

Ninety-two percent of the times, we will reject those. Our reptile and the limbic brain is designed to preserve us alive, but not making us happy.

However real wise people will make an effort to listen (mind and heart open) to new ideas and most importantly will end up seeing the benefit and real effect caused by a change in their current behavior, learned from others.

This is where real and personal growth starts. When we are able to set new limits, and ways of doing the same things we do, in a different way.

It might be good to whilst we are listening to someone speaking, instead of being constantly analyzing, judging and waiting for that person to finish to say what we want to say, we would be able to deeply just observe, listen and incorporate what the other is trying to tell us.

We might be positively surprised by the outcomes we would start obtaining from others and ourselves.

We would be surprised at realizing how similar we are one from each other and how much bigger we can become by just listening with an open mind and heart to others.

If we would just respect ourselves and others more than we do now, having true hope for something better is coming.

Not by chance, but because we are actively helping the world to be a better place.

I don’t want to end without recommending you to listen to this just magnificent speech by Admiral William McRaven - Change the World by Making Your Bed - of the US Army sharing how we cannot do big things right if we are not able to do small things right. Such as making our bed every morning before we leave home. Start making your bed every morning and read the trilogy A life in a second

Have a great week!

Ignacio Gallo Campos

Recommended song of the week – Avicii vs Nicky Romero - I Could Be The One (Nicktim)

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