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Why a second can change a whole life

Because it can be used in a totally different way we are used to using it every single day, hour and minute we use our capabilities to make the most of our opportunities.

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There is a quote to brain tattoo — same inputs, same outcomes. If we decide to keep judging, acting, reacting and thinking the same way we are doing it right now, how can we expect things will change for us?.

If we are not changing the way we process information and act on it, how can we expect changes in the ways others, the world behaves back to us?.

In addition, if we keep doing the same things, why do we keep complaining about not getting the outcomes we desire for us.

The answer is simple, we are stuck, prisoners of our own imagination, and not moving towards growth.

Changes cannot simply happen for the sake of wishing it. They will come from us first. We will be the change we want to see in the world.

A simple recipe for that. Stop talking, chitchatting, complaining and thinking. Just start doing (and changing, and tolerating, and incorporating, and trying, and risking, and…)

Then if by doing so consistently (for the next 90 days) nothing happen, you might try doing different things (inputs) for getting the desired outputs.

A life can take ages to be lived and seconds to be told

Our job today is to be memorable tomorrow.

Memorable things in life can be measured in a second, or in doing something different to what it was before.

Because a second it’s the time it takes for someone to start being memorable.

How many times we have thought about becoming, starting, joining, and beginning. How many seconds, hours and minutes we have been investing just imagine how our lives would be by doing something to change it all.

We spend way more time thinking in how it would be rather than doing what it takes to start the specific action for the desired change we are looking for.

It’s just the fear of really becoming what we are imagining that prevents us to really start doing that: what if, what will others think, what if we don’t make it, what if something goes wrong. It will be difficult, we will fail.

Own your second for living

No matter who we are today neither what we did in the past.

No matter how big the goal was if we did not enjoy each second of the journey.

No matter how difficult and different is what we want to become if we do not really start living in the present, in the minute and the second we are living.

Most importantly, no matter how hard we try to imagine how to change things if we are not able to change the next second in which we have all the power, capacity and determination to influence in.

Maybe if we start to live fully and intensively each second, we will understand that there are not horrible Mondays, just because we have to work, because the owners of that second are not the company we work for or the boss that leads us, but just us.

So it’s our own and full responsibility to own that second and turn it to something which makes the difference at work, our environment, our group or whatever we decide, by finding the purpose of our second.

If you like what you read, share it, but most importantly own your second and if you are ready to step forward and dig into your deepest fears make the trilogy “A life in a second” yours?

Ignacio Gallo Campos

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