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The obstacle is the way

This is not only the title of a great book full of insights by Ryan Holyday, but also one of hottest topic studied since the beginning of the human era. It’s a gift is well inner-integrated.

The obstacle is there to teach us something or many things.

However, the obstacle is not going to take the form of a meaningful learning point unless we let the most painful part of it telling us what it means.

And for that to happen, we need to let the ghosts of the past visit us today. We need to call them. We need to let those uncured wounds of the past hurt today so we can understand why they hurt and what we can do about them, to make them heal.

By doing so, we will find a new path for every new obstacle coming, without hurting us but showing us what to do and how to proceed.

How many times are we living without seeming to be alive?

How many wounds are still there deep inside waiting to be soothed?

How many of us are being visited by ghosts or dead beloved ones in dreams bringing solutions we don’t understand?

Why we are waiting for our subconscious mind (dreams) to happen to cure those wounds.

We can cure them now.

Why don’t we instead of waiting take a proactive and conscious step forward to find those painful moments of our past, to make them alive to feel those emotions we don’t want again?

We might find those emotions now having a different effect (much different) from the real pain they caused at that time. They don’t exist anymore.

We might even find that pain has been transformed into love as we see it from a different perspective now, with much higher understanding the reason behind the cause of the pain.

It could be anything. A particular fight or word our father or mother said to us, or how it was said what is was there hitting our emotional self, but now is not causing that pain anymore as we have learned now what it meant.

This is the key to open new doors for us all. New opportunities for us to feel and live differently, allowing the pain teach us, and learning from it.

The pain might only teach us how important is to forgive ourselves and the people who hurt us in the past, so we can adapt better to new obstacles to come and act differently by learning so.

Easy to say, hard to practice

As everything its really worth it in life, it requires time, effort and facing adversity, setting standards for our daily practice not many are willing to set.

Science says 92% of our brains are designed to avoid pain, difficulty or do things against the norm. At the same time, all of us are designed for greatness too. However, not everybody is willing to go from good to great.

Greatness is a little place inside us where obstacles, ghosts, fears, and tears are helping us understand and do what it’s needed now, at this precise moment.

Because a single second is the shortest distance every of us are separated from greatness. A single second can change it all, if we find the courage to start finding the obstacle as a norm, and a virtue, rather than removing them all from our sight.

I would like to end up this short passage about obstacles sharing this incredible passage of Rocky V. As many other great people out there are telling us, we can choose love or fear. If we chose love, impossible will be nothing.

Instead of complaining let’s start to find solutions for what is not working, and then let’s share that solution with as many people as we can.

That’s a reason it’s worth it for a living.

Let’s find that little obstacle every day to make something of value out of it. So it’s not an obstacle anymore.

Let’s get that unsolved feeling of the past and let’s ask it once again, what does it really mean?

Maybe and just maybe at least doing so we will be closer to happiness than we are now.

Maybe we discover the pain we feel is just repressed love we can give but we are keeping shut for fearing people will hurt us again.

And maybe discovering that we might let that love reign more times than the fear now.

If you are ready to step forward and dig into your deepest fears make the trilogy “A life in a second” yours?

Happy Tuesday!

Ignacio Gallo Campos

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