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What will set you apart? (If you know it, and do something about it)

Knowing and acting based on deep knowledge and understanding of some basic concepts. We are part of something much bigger than ourselves. Magic will not happen if we are not ready for the magic to happen.

1. We are going to die at some point

2. We are not cleverer than someone else

3. Life is not a solo mission

4. We the people need each other people to be happier

5. Finding what makes us happy

6. Getting rid of toxic people (or getting to know how to deal with them)

7. We are what we think and feel

8. We can change the way we think and feel

9. We can learn every single day from people we assume we can’t

10. We can’t win every single battle

11. We need to let things go and forgive

12. We must be ready for the unexpected

13. There is no past nor future. The only truth happens now

Understanding magic as everything happening around us about which we are not totally aware of or even take into consideration, due to our belief system, education, knowledge or experience. Tending to believe we are always the single source of the truth and everything happens to us, is not going to help us grow.

However if we give a try to the understanding we are all the same and part of a much bigger thing than us, is the beginning of any transformational change to happen.

These are the changes which will drastically change the outcome of what we experience, feel or obtain from life.

As exposed several times before, there is no need to change anything we are doing now. It’s just in the how, in the quality of our appreciation, integration, and acting.

We can keep having the same families, partners, jobs, and circumstances around us. We just need to see with new eyes the things we look at, feel with new “chi” and then the things we look at will change, our emotions will change consequently.

The change only happens from the inside out. And then it goes on and on, beyond any imaginable way. Because once our brains and our hearts change, they will never return to their original forms (there is science backing this).

So what? What is in it for me?

There could be nothing or everything. The choice is ours.

Well, not giving a try to any of the exposed simple concepts here or any other we might think about is not going to help us in seeing any change. That is for sure.

Probably not even by taking any action just for a couple of days is going to make a substantial difference.

However spending at least 30 min a day, for the rest month, at the beginning of the day thinking about these concepts and finding during the rest of the day a single way to test it, putting it in real practice is going to show us true change.

Nothing works, unless you, me or whoever does the work.

There are thousands of artists, theorists, philosophers, psychologists ready to provide us with tons of advice in much more detail than the exposed here.

They will also be backing that up with neuroscience and medicine. Even that is enough to finally taking any action.

Because what is really making the difference and setting you apart in life is not being able to speak and tell everybody how successful you are, but to make internal incremental variations, changing many everything along the process.

It's really worth it the effort so when the moment comes we would be having so many reasons around us why living our lives was so splendid.

We will be looking back and seeing how many people we touched, and helped to be better to be the ones they really wanted to be, without fear, but with tons of courage and love.

It’s good to be back to write after having spent a special holiday in the land of the unexpected. I will be always grateful for this land having taught me so much without letting me know.

Why don’t you explore deeper these concepts and develop your own, make the trilogy “A life in a second” yours? Happy day and keep it strong for the rest of the week.

Ignacio Gallo Campos

Recommended song of the week – Kaleo - Save yourself (for someone else)

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