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Why we should help others more (even those we call strangers)

Firstly because there are so many proofs and studies done in the last 100 years confirming what many philosophers were already knowing. It does make 99% of human beings happier and more complete in their lives.

Researchers from Oxford University concluded that being kind to others causes a small but significant improvement in subjective well-being. The review found that the effect is lower than some pop-psychology articles have claimed, but also concluded that future research might help identify which kind acts are most effective at boosting happiness

Secondly, because a stranger is a stranger for 2 simple and not powerful reasons:

1. Because we say so (even though they could be exactly as us, a regular human being with same motivations, fears, and beliefs who thinks we are strangers too).

2. Secondly, because we have not spoken to them yet. It usually happens mysteriously whenever we take the enormous courage to talk to a stranger, from the next second onwards, this person is not a stranger anymore (quite silly right?)

Thirdly because we like it or not, humans we are social animals really needing and depending others to be happier, to feel better, and in the end have a better life.

Finally and immensely important, because due to the nowadays priorities where everything is a priority, we have not much time for us to think about what really matters to us.

Usually what matters us is what make us be happier, live longer and better, healthier so we can really enjoy every second we have left.

What many people suffer these days is from lack of purpose, meaning or motivation, beyond of course of having and/or sustaining a family, fact which for many is enough.

But not for many others. Many people might have formed a family and still have a feeling of disengagement with themselves.

The reason is usually simple but hard to admit. Time passes so fast that barely we find a moment to think once again in our purpose in life and why that purpose is important for us.

Many times that incognita would disappear easily, preventing so many people from frustration, guilty feelings and even from emotional sicknesses, if we just stopped for a moment and think which of the things we do in our lives provides us with the happiest feelings or emotions.

Many times we would find ourselves being so happy just for the sake of having helped someone to feel or do something better.

All this reasoning ends having a simple response, find yourself a purpose which deserves your time or effort is not that complicated, because by helping others you will easily find that purpose found or fulfilled.

It could be said in fewer words, in a simple manner or much more complicated. Don’t let your life pass without really giving a thought (and hopefully actions) on this topic and more importantly finding the way of doing things towards this topic.

Some people are asking me for more words in the posts I have been written for the last couple of years. I agree with them, and I’ll do my best to develop more content in the various topic lines “living better”.

I will also reinforce many times words are empty and actions are full, speaking for themselves.

Simple advice here

Book some time in your calendar this week. Stop for 10 minutes and rescue some fragments from your life in which you remember yourself being happy (happy not coming from someone else, but from the inside).

Go a bit beyond and find the feeling and emotion there and try to reproduce it today which anything you’ve done recently. Savor that moment and identify what is making you feel good about it.

Finally don’t wait any single minute more in avoiding to find more people, spaces, and moments to catch those feelings again. Even putting at stake your current comfortability or status quo. Neither of those is going to bring you happiness.

Find ways of developing your imagination as if you were an unbroken child/heart again. Don’t let your experience, beliefs, and society dictate you what can be done, what you can do. There are no limits.

And remember nobody else is going to do it for you. Listen openly to philosophers, experts, and your heart to find your happiness. Do it before it’s too late, and time or health is over.

If you’d like to go deeper into to get happiness into your present, I invite you to make the trilogy “A life in a second” yours. Happy Tuesday and rest of the week.

Ignacio Gallo Campos

Recommended song of the week – "Stay Alive" by José González from the movie THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY

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