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From instant gratification to instant appreciation

And why we should do it.

Not just because the stoic millennial discipline talks about it, but also because if not, we might end up unproductively complaining about our current status quo, rather than actively doing something (finding solutions) to change it.

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We might be quickly infecting everything and everyone around us, with an impact on our limited time in the Earth and our happiness in the long run.

That is why most of the things providing instant or immediate gratification should be removed from our actions and eventually our lives.

Of course, we are not robots, but neither are we beasts.

Unfortunately we seem to live (we do live) in an inner state far away from game changer stimuli.

We live as short-term slaves of thousands of small and irrelevant stimuli filling up our seconds, minutes, hours, and eventually lives.

And this keeps us apart from longer-term visions, bigger pictures and making our dreams come true.

And what’s more important if we don’t realize about it on time (if we don’t take the time and courage to observe and analyze ourselves) and take action soon, this might be a mission impossible to change.

Or we might change it for when it’s too late or not the moment at the maximum capacity or energy.

Usually, what happens when we start being aware of this fact, this deceiving emotion about everything that happens out there (external factors) is that we are too lost. So the easy way out to escape the reality is to blame everything out there, except for ourselves.

The key question here is who is deciding to invest and put all the effort, motivation, presence, time and energy in those instant gratification moments, coming from everything around us but ourselves? It’s a pretty easy answer, we might not like to assume.

If we eat sh*t we will look like sh*t

This is the quote one of the greatest surf coaches ever existed used to say to their trainees.

Keep feeding in and on social media or others’ opinions and we will see the effects (we might be already seeing them, without doing anything about it). The decision of investing that daily amount of time in them is just ours.

Keep feeding on others’ praises, and we will see the effect on our self-esteem.

Keep feeding on others’ ideas and we will see what happen with our own projects.

Then if at some point you will feel lost, it would make sense for you to invest all your time, focus and attention to find out every single detail and reason causing that feeling.

And yes, obviously we all have been there, or we are all there.

Or we will come back to be there, where we are not the owners of our present.

The good news is nobody can take that away from ourselves, just ourselves. And the good news again is, yes we can change.

Not by the grace of God and praying but for our actions.

If we want different outcomes we need to change the way (how) we do things (not what we are doing now), and look for moments and places allowing real appreciation to happen, removing everything giving us the instant gratification.

The question is are we willing to put down instant gratification for long-term completion? Are we willing to be immortal?

Are we willing to really be remembered, not because we are having our own children to keep growing the species, but because we intentionally did something bigger than ourselves, for the sake of a bigger purpose?

If the answer is yes, then we might (we will) find which our real purpose is, beyond what we are told to do.

If you liked what you read and you’d like to go deeper into these ideas influencing your present, I invite you to grab the trilogy “A life in a second”.

Have a great owned week,

Ignacio Gallo Campos

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