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Why Roger Federer is not the #1 of all times (the secret)

Because it's not yet the moment. Not for him.

Because you are not your recognition, your titles, your reputation or fame.

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You are just as good as the last second you did something in your life with a bigger intent than yourself.

And because Roger Federer decides to see himself, as a regular human being who does his best to maybe be called after all the #1, someday. But not yet, not now.

And this is something for sure Roger Federer is not getting tired of showing the entire world over and over again. I invite you to follow his past and present. He is a true and sincere great human being.

He is proving with his humility and his respect for what he does why his purpose is much bigger than himself.

You can witness and understand clearly this during his recent speech this week after winning his 20th Grand Slam in Australia. Nobody in the history has ever done that.

Roger Federer knows and acts as if all the titles he already won wouldn’t matter.

Because he knows it would kill not only himself but all those fans, and people who follow him, watch him and get inspiration out of him.

Roger Federer knows well he is just a human being, with the same number of fears, insecurities, and limitations others have.

He just decides to not let his ego take him. He does not let his ego overtake what he does and what he believes in.

And for those and many other reasons and acts he is probably one of the most influential person humanity has witnessed. He shows true respect and appreciation, not for his great tennis, but for every single person he recognizes makes his dreams come true.

Fans, opponents, regular people around him. He is the first in showing admiration and respect for all those people he knows are helping him to become who he is every day. And for that people love him. And this is much bigger than titles, recognition, and fame.

It just matters what we do (and how)

No matter what we are told.

Nobody is born with special gifts such as respect and true appreciation for life. This is something we need to earn and gain.

We shouldn’t need to live a disgrace in our lives very close to be able to appreciate life. As when the time comes, it might be too late to do.

And regardless of what our environment and circumstances are, we always have a choice, the choice of making things the way we feel right to do them.

However society, parents, close relatives, and other people out there will tell us we can be great, we can do what we want, we can become whomever we decide. And for sure it’s true, but this doesn’t come alone.

We need to earn that. We need to see we are great always because some other people make us great and help us along the way.

We can be great when as Federer will take every new greatest win as a new opportunity to shine, learn and prove ourselves we really deserve it.

Not because we were told we deserved it, but because we gave everything we had, our soul, our mind, our heart to that cause, and that cause was having a much greater purpose than ourselves.

We might be tempted to talk, to judge, to think and to do things just for ourselves or the real close ones we have. But what really makes other people (strangers) deserve less or different than us?

Is that we are greater than them? Why? Might be the case when we act like this we are not earning the right our bigger purpose is crying out loud for us.

It’s the time to stop claiming, complaining, putting stoppers to really become the great human being we are called to be, regardless of where we are, what we do or whom we want to become.

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With sincere admiration,

Ignacio Gallo Campos

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