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The story of the man who broke his ego two hundred times and kept going.

Probably he doesn’t know I’m writing about him during this precise second. Probably if he discover this post, he will get mad at me. I will take the risk.

I choose to write about him, because, removing admired and people (family, friends, relatives) he is probably the closest person I’ve met to be a living legend.

He is my Kung-Fu and mixed martial arts teacher.

I will slightly mention he is world champion in several disciplines of the martial art already and he will keep representing Ireland in the world championships to come later this year in 2018.

But again I’m not going to tell you what he is (his titles or recognition) but I will tell you how he lives (how he chooses to be)

I’m going to tell you how this man respects every single person he comes across with. I will tell you how he smiles and looks in the eyes of the people he meets every single day.

I will tell you how he guides and teaches people who commit to being with him regardless the countries they come from, the languages they speak or the different disciples he officially teaches.

I will tell you how humbly exposes himself to anyone who might be present at whatever he decides to share with us. I will tell you how you will know what he does and who he is. You will know him because everyone else will tell you but him. I will tell you the passion and happiness he has and shares for what he does.

I’m going to tell you how he was teaching us probably the most important lesson anyone can share with you in an entire life, some days ago.

He is world champion in breaking concrete pieces high level with his bare hands, feet and other body parts. So for the last couple of weeks, he was trying to break a concrete brick with one hand whilst playing it in the air with the other hand.

He was doing that in front of everybody, not succeeding for so many times that most of the present ones but him were thinking THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE.

He bled, got serious bruises, hurt himself badly (and his ego), whilst we were there looking at that all. But he kept trying.

Until the moment came and he was able to break it.

During all the process he was the only one believing in what he was doing whilst no one else was really sure of it.

You need to be a bit “mad” to be able to do what not many are able to do.

But he was teaching us all, that being the number 1 in whichever you decide to commit or do is not made by the things you did before, but for the very last second of your current life, in which you put all your heart, passion, emotions to break once for all that ghostly dark shade of yours who usually doesn’t like to be exposed called ego.

And if life is purely made of a trillion of failures, why we still keep trying to show everyone around us that we can’t fail. Fail is the only way to truly learn what it means to be us, in our greatest truly essence.

Thank you, Sifu (I’m not mentioning your name until you are fully aware of this writing and you approve it)

Why do we keep recognizing fully the greatness of the people we admire just when they die?

I did not want to recognize him when I’m gone, dead or he would be so too. Why? What should I fear? Showing my great emotions should not be something I’d be ashamed of, so then I can build a better self of myself.

To end this simple post I would like to share once again the sadness I get whilst listening now in Ireland everywhere Dolores O’Riordan, just because she has died last week and we probably did not recognize enough her contribution not only to the music but to the art of expressing human emotions so beautifully.

Unfortunately, Dolores is not anymore alive to see this or to listen to her songs now. However, Sifu is and I’m grateful for having met such a living legend this year. If you have met any other living legends lately or you already did but never told them, don’t wait until it’s too late, and see what happens.

We don’t realize how powerful this is, shifting us from the daily effect of our 50.000 negative and unproductive thoughts a day, which in the end just don’t exist unless we make them happen.

If you liked what you read and you’d like to go deeper into these ideas influencing who you are, why you behave like you do and whom you could become, I invite you to grab the trilogy “A life in a second”.

With sincere admiration,

Ignacio Gallo Campos

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