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From an introvert to a first class sales professional - Case study AV

Happy to share for the first time and count on a guest share taken from a real case study from a colleague of mine Alex Valassidis. He is a highly experienced sales and marketing professional specialized in turning introvert people and small & medium enterprises into skillful, prepared, confident and successful sellers with concrete actionable hints.

CASE STUDY - How Elisa transformed herself from an introverted secretary into the company’s best saleswoman using the “Breaking Free” Technique

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The paradox is although sales is the profession with the highest demand and that pays best, it is very hard to find salespeople. Not just talking about good ones, but for salespeople in general.

Elisa, a 32 year-old mother of 2 worked her entire life as a secretary until her boss proposed to her a position for saleswoman within her company. Elisa knew all the processes and the products of the company and her boss believed in her.

The position paid a little better than her existing position as a secretary, but the commissions to be earned made a real difference.

I want to show you how Elisa used “Breaking Free” Technique and transformed herself within one week to the company’s best saleswoman.

What is the “Breaking Free” technique in Sales?

The “Breaking Free” technique is explained in my e-book, download here. It’s a 15-page PDF document explaining exactly how you can become the extroverted sales shark that everyone wants to hire by implementing the “other I.”

Here’s how Elisa implemented the “Breaking Free” technique and became the company’s best saleswoman in 4 steps.

1st. She observed her status and wrote down her strengths and weaknesses as objectively as possible. Her strengths were overwhelmingly more than her flaws. She was one of the few persons in the company that had a full understanding of the products and services they were selling, the processes being followed, and the objectives of the company.

At the same time, she was methodical in her work, gave attention to detail, and was exact and analytical in her reports to the management.

Her biggest flaw, however, was what prohibited her from pursuing the role of the Territorial Sales Account Manager that was offered to her.

Her introverted character, her fear of rejection, and the “lack of sales skills” as she thought, were prohibiting her from taking this much better paid role that was offered to her.

2nd. She decided to leave her comfort zone and took the Sales Account Manager Role that was offered to her. She knew that her future was never going to become better if she did not change her situation. Additionally, the salary that she was getting was not enough to cover the needs of her growing children.

3rd. She created a “second” Elisa as described on the e-Book to be able to do this job.

She chose the new variation of her name and wrote down on a sheet of paper the new characteristics of her “new” persona. Once she did so, it became easier than she thought, and could construct her “other I”. The one characteristic brought in the surface the other one and like a puzzle all pieces of this specific character were connected and built Lisa.

Lisa, the “other I,” was a fearless, extroverted saleswoman that wouldn’t take “no” as an answer and would insist as far as she could go to convince someone of the strengths of her product.

4th. She applied the “other I” on her job. When she started on Monday, it was Elisa that woke up in the morning in her house, but once she stepped outside, Lisa took her place. She did not question if it was the right thing to do, for the decision has been already been made some days ago.

She just became the new character and stayed in this position until late at night when she returned home. Exhausted, but happy as a winner, a hard to describe feeling that she couldn’t explain in words. As if a new world of opportunity opened in front of her, just with a little trick that made her (or better said) her “other I” face her fears.

But, it was not only this.

Lisa used all the knowledge that Elisa had, and this knowledge gave her an unbelievable advantage – NOT for the knowledge itself, but for the confidence that this knowledge brought. Because Elisa knew so many things about the product, the solution offered, the processes of the company, Lisa could answer any question and reply to any objection a client had with confidence based on the knowledge that she possessed.

Some months after, Elisa was elected as the best saleswoman of the company she worked with a huge difference between her and the second best one.

Did you find this case study interesting?

Have you already read, “Breaking Free – How to Overcome Your Fear of Sales and Become the Salesperson Everyone Wants to Hire”? If not, you can download it by clicking here

Let me please know how it worked for you. Did you experience a similar success? Do you have any questions as to how to implement it? Let me please know by emailing me -

Leave a comment on this blog post letting me know what you think. Or even better, leave a comment on this blog post letting me know what types of topics you’d like me to cover in my upcoming articles & videos. I can’t guarantee I’ll get to all your great ideas, but I’ll read every single comment.

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