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I'm that guy pushing the button

When the traffic light just went green for the cars to go. I’m that m****r-f****r turning around when an old person is standing in the bus or train whilst I’m comfortably scared thinking about losing my place.

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

I’m that stupid guy not giving a shit when parking my car and not foreseeing well that extra space I’m taking out for another person to park.

I’m that fool that takes twice the portion of what I need because I want it all me, regardless of the next ones to come.

I’m that guy who does not give a shit about buying clothes when I know they come from places where they exploit people.

I’m that idiot who leaves turned on the heater all the long even when not at home causing that half of the world have to pay it with their health.

And yet I’m writing this knowing this all. As many others know.

As Ryan Holiday reveals in his masterpiece book called “Ego is the enemy” which I extremely encourage every one of you to read. The Ego most commonly is by casual definition: An unhealthy belief in our self and only importance. Such a revealing truth. So easy to say, speak about or tell, that it hurts. So difficult to accept. So hard to change.

So simple and complicated to really be aware of, that probably most of our daily acts (avoiding family or work responsibilities) are aimed to self-include or exclude whatever it goes beyond our own belief system.

If for one second we would really be aware of what our minuscule existence means in a bigger picture, might be the case we would be able to minimize the negative impact of that stupid self-known ego we have living in us.

Intention versus Fear

So why if we are most of the time not thinking with an intention (intentionally) in anybody else but us (ego) then at the minimum reaction from the others (opinion) we get annoyed, disturbed or negatively influenced (effect – fear).

If we intentionally don’t put the focus on thinking in the others when it comes to grow, give, be better or accomplish, why when it comes to the others opinion about ourselves, we get so nervous and affected?.

This is a very short dilemma I wanted to expose here, with the inclusion of the book mentioned above which might help us to mitigate some of the sufferings we all having daily. So we could get the most of our presence whilst we are alive.

This is in words of Ryan Holiday “The fight to master our greatest opponent”. And usually, the only obstacle is the way and ourselves.

As Liberto Pereda use to say, there is no path, but here and now. Brain tattoo for all of us.

If you liked what you’ve just read and you’d like to go deeper in a creative way into these concepts and the factors influencing who you are, why you behave like you behave and who you could become, I invite you to get the trilogy “A life in a second”.

Happy Tuesday,

Ignacio Gallo Campos

About the author

I encourage you to invest in the content I’ve put together in a trilogy of books published in since 2011 to 2017 called “A life in a second”

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