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When you think “it’s over”, but you still have 10.000 laps to go

Or as the most masterminded and hearted ones would say, it takes 10.000 times to conclude “I tried enough”.

Michelangelo, Aristotle, Newton, Michael Jordan, Steven Spielberg, Robin Sharma, Joshua Waitzkin, Tim Ferris, Greg Mckeown and other not so well-known names practiced that thing they believed in, with a very concrete and unique pattern in common:

they never gave up, until they made it, whichever it was what they believed in or they wanted to accomplish.

They kept practicing, they did not trust those ones who told them they were not good enough. They neither believed in those ones who simplified the equation to the point of “they were good at maths but no good at sports”

Any of these guys got probably 10.000 rejections (society, family, friends, schools, communities they belonged too, media, press) before they decided on their own it was enough, or just the beginning.

And once they realized by themselves and no-one else it was enough, there was no regret or unfulfilled sentiment, neither remorse.

What’s most important is most they got not only to the next level in their fields but to a level reputation and recognition which it’s beyond themselves and probably beyond what the majority of the people will think.

Probably they did not do it all for recognition, fame or prestige. There is no goal worth a sacrifice without a much higher and profound purpose, backing it up.

We the humans have been in the game for a long time now. Enough to be able to pause and step back to recognize keep busy being busy is doing nothing for ourselves.

It just separates us from what it really matters to us.

That thing for what living or dying it’s worth it.

And once we will know that we can continue doing whatever we are doing every day. It’s not a matter of changing the WHAT in most of the cases, but the HOW. Because in the HOW there is a reason WHY backing up every step we walk, every breath we take and every second we live.

There is no need to live in survival mode

Neither living in automatic pilot mode. Neither has it existed a greater purpose it was easy to commit to.

It takes excelling in commitment, courage and probably going against your current rules (and everybody else’s belief systems).

However, the good news is we are not more in the Stone Age, neither middle age nor suffering a terrible real war. Luckily many of us are not living a war.

Unfortunately for some others out there, living an extra day is a struggle, while living currently under terrible conflicts. However we don’t want to know about, neither recognize how lucky we are for those things we have, not necessarily material (Maslow).

Going back to the topic and beginning of this short story, according to most of the experts in human evolution, our wildest, oldest and more animal brain from which we have already evolved is dated from 200,000 million years ago, while the rational cortex is only 2 millimeters thick and the ridiculous footprint of solely 30,000 years.

Global leadership experts, such as Daniel Goleman or Dr. Marshall Goldsmith agree on true living leaders are those who are able to make their hearted-actions more predominant than their animal egos.

Since the heart sends much more information to the brain than the one it receives back. Some other studies conclude by saying the best leaders are those who think with their hearts, make decisions with their minds and act with their hands.

I just want to make each reader think about very basic topics. What we believe in, who we are, and what we do in the place and moment where are living now.

What is certain is each of those who helped to define and mark our today’s history (big names or just our predecessors), they simply stopped to think about the simplest topics and explanations for various and different regular topics happening at their times. They did so and acted, regardless of their mood, beliefs, race, culture, vital momentum or time in which they lived.

As a final call, if any idea you might have liked, don’t keep it just for you, and share it. But most importantly do something about it.

Connect if you feel like sharing more ideas, and do subscribe.

Ignacio Gallo Campos

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