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You are not your CV (but much more)

According to a CNBC recent study 3 out of 4 people are caught by recruiters on a “lie” or on a not real statement on their CV. But this post pretends to go way beyond that conclusion.

Yet the most important assets which build our CVs are: who we are now and how we behaved (the power of intention – check Wayne’s Dyer masterpiece) during the last second lived when our CV was being questioned or analyzed.

Veronica V.M. Copyright

Who we are now and how we act this very present second is all that matters. Our intention is all that counts now. Our intention creates 90% of the success we will have not only in an interview but in our lives, personally and professionally.

It happens the same with the communication; 10% of the communication is what we say (the words we use). 90% is our body language (how we say the words we say, how we look in the eyes, how we listen and how we make others feel around us).

As the General Manager of one of the most important Hotels in Ireland confessed in a recent interview; “We are not our position in the ranking, neither our reputation nor the number of years in the market as the top rated hotel. We are nothing more than the last room we served, or the very last breakfast we offered or the smile we granted to any of this morning’s clients we had the luck to serve”.

Don’t get lost in numbers

We live in the era of being busy in our busyness. We live in a world of enormous distraction which keeps us apart from what it matters the most. We get lost in the numbers (the what). We get paralyzed by analysis (thinking, judging, fearing without acting).

We get stuck in places, moments, discussions and debates which are far away from the places we belong to.

We belong to a much simpler place where there is a clear connection between what I do and how I do it because it doesn't matter what where we are, what we are doing, whom we work for, as the connection is happening all the time in everything we are doing. That simple and so hidden connection is called purpose. It’s just us who in most of the cases decide to call off our purposes.

Regardless of which objective we will set for our lives, for other people’s lives and whoever we live with and influence. When there is no clear purpose, then any little conflict will be maximised, preventing us to reach to the next level. Preventing us to set all the objectives we might be going after, beyond our comfort zone.

We all suffer, we suffer from fear and pain. Physical, emotional, spiritual. And then we have a choice, which is the most important we can make as Jim Carrey says; choose love and use fear to build a bigger self than yourself. As in the end, it’s all that matters. In the end, when there are no more seconds left in our lives, we will not look into numbers, we will look into how we lived. Did we live in fear or with the fear?

Stay rad, be brave enough to recognize you need to unlearn every second you have left to truly learn and share if you liked what you read.

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Ignacio Gallo Campos

Special thanks to Veronica V.M. - Colombia - for the motion picture featured

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