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Amongst zombies, vampires and psychopaths (and we all)

And some other energy drainers out there. You better know them, learn how to identify them and most importantly you better know how to set land apart from them.

Most of the times it’s not so difficult to identify them if we let our intuition work and facts reveal. However most of the times what is really difficult is to move away from them, as it could be the case we have been living next to them so much time, and we let ourselves go.


We all have been zombies (or still we are) when letting everyone and everything else around us dictate what is what success looks like or should look like.

We all have been vampires (or still we are) when we are taking more than we give in our circles or environments.

We sometimes (have we?) could have acted as a psychopath when showing no emotions whatsoever for the fate of someone we have had the opportunity to help or listen and we did nothing and/or felt nothing for them.

It doesn’t matter whom we decide to be or become if when the final moment comes, and our lives are coming to an end, we are truly proud of what we became.

It doesn’t matter if we commit thousands of mistakes and failed to learn what is what really matters.

And, the sooner we come to know that the better, as we are running out of time to be alive (not being a zombie, vampire, or some other forms of non-human being). Because it doesn’t matter if you make it to the end in whichever objective you set for yourself, but how you reached it, how you lived.

Travel nowhere to meet who you really are

Marcel Proust already calls us to action. We don’t need to travel everywhere to find ourselves, we just need to change the way we see the world.

Marcel teaches us alongside his books and essays “In search of lost time” to wake up as soon as possible and stay away from those who pretend to drain our energies as much as we can.

So when we step back we can find our purposes, and stick to them for the rest of our lives with true commitment regardless of what we are doing or where are we living now.

So to make it simple once you read this short and simple bit and pieces post, just do a quick exercise and note down in your journal which are those zombies, vampires and psychopaths (even if it’s you) you are sharing space with and design a well-thought strategy to avoid they take what is yours, your values, dignity and full respect and start working on what really matters to you physically, emotionally or spiritually from the next second on.

You don’t need to change anything you are doing now, but how you are doing it, and most importantly reinforce and re-assure who you really are, on top of everyone you know and everything you do.

Simple as hell, difficult as hell, as first you need to forgive yourself for all that time you did not stand your ground, and also for all those lies, fakes and deceits you have believed in all these years.

Don’t wait until something really serious or fatal happen to wake up. As every second it passes with you not standing up we all become more zombies, vampires or even psychopaths.

Stay humble, brave and rad. Share if you felt something when reading it. For more ideas subscribe,

Ignacio Gallo Campos

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