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Why you shouldn’t believe in luck

First of all, because as any psychologist will tell you, it’s a limiting belief, which will play a non-desired role in your life, taking you to make decisions in an arbitrary way, rather than stepping into your own path (although as you might know there is no path, it’s just here and now).

Rubia VBL

Secondly, because it will remove ownership to your actions, or as we usually do, we will take it just when the outcome is good or positive, removing ourselves from the equation when the hard part is happening.

Because it will also prevent you to invest tons of hours, effort and energy in self-learning and self-renovation, key and essential part of growth and living a meaningful life.

And might prevent you to be able to time hacking or light speed traveling in your life. You will witness some people doing ten times more meaningful things than you do in the same amount of time as you are having. And this is just because they are not trusting their luck. They are intentionally moving their needles to something bigger than themselves.

Finally and most important, if you decide bravely to not believe in luck, you might be able to discover that in every single decision or act you do there is an intention behind it (what you should prevent at all cost is having a total lack of intention, to avoid assuming responsibility, just in case something bad happens…as this is real growth happening)

Will tell you a secret…based on a true story

To begin with, I would like to thank Rubia V.L. for sharing with us the featuring picture described in these 3 words “freedom – hope – peace” which I’m taking advantage for this post. It also describes her beliefs of why you should not trust your luck, but you should instead have the power of intention in every step you take.

The intention of doing rather than talking, or thinking.

Your intention should be linked to free yourself, keeping a positive mindset along the way, to visualize your present and future with intentional hope to finally reach to a permanent status of peace, so you will find your path or you will be able to create your own yourself.

The second part of the secret is based on a real story happened last Friday to a friend of mine. This person has been going for lunch to the same restaurant couple of days a week for the last five months.

Since the very first day, this person had one single intention, which was to be really present and add real value to that place. To the chef, the waiters, the waitresses, Manager, and even to the people who were having lunch daily there.

This person was intentionally building positive relationships with them by knowing all their names, smiling to them and rewarding them with full presence, looking them in the eyes and genuinely appreciating their work.

In addition to it, he was asking some relevant questions to intentionally find a way to help these people in their daily jobs, tasks linking their motivations to their reasons why.

Finally, this person was providing them with genuine feedback and advice to link their own motivations with the things they were doing.

And this person was doing this with no second intention of getting something in return. And this is when magic things happen.

Just we any of us is genuinely and intentionally putting effort and intention in making everyone around him/her a bit happier than they were there second before, without expecting anything in return is when everything else becomes magical.

So coming back to this Friday, against many odds and without any sign, this person asked for the bill at the end of the lunch, for his/her total surprise got the manager coming with a bill saying “This is on us”, inviting her/him for a great meal.

However but the most important part of it all was seeing the faces and expressions of happiness and real appreciation coming from the personnel working at the restaurant. That was priceless, and as this person was telling me, there is no money able to pay or reward the genuine feeling of gratitude coming from a sincere act like that.

Just wanted to share such a powerful real case. Of something greater than ourselves happening to someone whose purpose is deliberately aiming to help others, with full intention. And most of the times for those occasions our lives get the full meaning.

Keep rad and helping others without expecting anything in return, as you might find happiness just for the sake of doing so.

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Ignacio Gallo Campos

Appreciating today’s motion picture today from Rubia V.B.L – Brazil.

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