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When less is more (and how to take exponential advantage of it)

Or when two people are in true-love or a teamwork is in deep harmony, or just when someone pays resilient attention to what matters the most when communicating something rather than to what is being communicated.

When you see and feel true communication it’s almost as “when the nothing means everything”, or when a pause (a silence) can communicate far beyond than a thousand words.

Gabriella A.G.

And this is usually happening when we truly care about the receptors side of the message, rather than our side, knowing of course what we want to communicate with a clear visualization.

The reality is not many times, during our personal and professional interactions we are putting our focus in our receptors.

If we did put the focus in our receptors, it would be impossible we are overusing in such way emails, WhatsApp, Facebook or LinkedIn, to share such vast and not meaningful content, irrelevant to our receptors.

Why is this happening? Most of the cases it’s due to the fact that the main purpose of our communication is not the other, but ourselves (our ego, fears). And then we are unable to tailor our messages to what really matters – drive changes, help or make better any given situation for the people we are trying to communicate to

How to communicate at least 2X better, using 2X less energy, but better.

Just apply this simple exercise. Ask yourself (in their shoes) how would you like someone to communicate something to you and note down those points, so then you can learn and take advantage to improve on any given situation, for example:

1. You would like the message to address the very concrete need you have, not thousand more topics (reduce the content!!!)

2. You would like it to be simple, clear and insightful

3. You would like some social proof, showing it really works.

4. You won’t like people telling you how good they are.

5. You won’t like people not asking you relevant questions

6. You won’t like people sharing so many things you can barely cope with, and talking so quickly that you can’t understand.

7. You won’t like people overwhelming you with terminology you don’t know

8. You won’t like people pushing you to do something you are not convinced to do

9. You won’t like people repeating the same message.

For sure you won’t like people sounding like robots, artificial or un-trustful and you will love someone who faithfully understands you, genuinely wants to help you and by the way entertains you, making you feel special. So then, why when stop and think about these points above, we keep doing things over and over the same way, when it’s in our hands to keep the communication simple, short and essential to whom we are communicating.

One rule which really helps is, everything which you are not 100% sure to add into any way of communication, just skip it, erase it, delete it or even better, don’t do it.

Every email you are not sure of sending it, just don’t send it.

Use the email the less as possible. Use it just to summarize what has been talked or to request for an agreed settlement.

Stop using emails for the sake of using them or for you to appear busy.

Use the space you liberate from emails to read more and discover more, to ask more relevant questions and to learn from the people you interact with.

Then analyze and note down what you’ve learned. Finally share it as there you have real and meaningful innovation, for your colleagues, for your company, but most importantly for enriching yourself.

All these rules and ideas are common sense, however many times common sense is the less common of the senses we use because we forget to step back, breath and think how we can challenge the status quo for the simple sake of the common better.

It’s time to change the “I win”, for the “win-win”, and then the “win-win”, for the “win-to-many”, where exceptional and magic things happen and flow.

Let’s look beyond ourselves, our targets, our cell phones and open our eyes and hearts to see things in a different way, as it’s the only way for the things to change (as our former SVP used to repeat over and over).

After putting in real practice at least one of the several ideas shared here today, probably you will be achieving more, better and losing less energy for accomplishing the things which matter the most.

If not, at least you tried something different, and this is still learning. Keep relentless on improving yourself and the people around you, and stay humble. For more ideas subscribe.

Ignacio Gallo Campos

Appreciating today’s motion picture today from Gabriella A.G. – Rio de Janeiro

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