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One angel for each nine demons

Psychology, sociology and human interactions experts say for every good deed we do or even think about there will be at least nine times we will procrastinate, or think negatively on our minds, about ourselves or others.

Sofia Z. copyright

That’s the number one reason we need to train and teach our angel as if it was the biggest muscle we have.

And of course, the best training we can do for this angel of us is to make him run a marathon. For which we do really need first to learn how to make him run 5k, then 10k, probably 20k, and if we are able to reach there and committed to our purpose, might be the case this angel is able to run the marathon that will change us forever.

To a final result as mentioned in the book “Essentialism” by Greg Mckeown which is to be able to live fully present in the moment we live now, rather than in our past, failures or anxieties for the uncertain future.

Remembering the quote Ignacio G. C. shares in his site "A second is all that you need to make a difference. A difference is what makes every second valuable", and that second could take a life to happen.

But in the end, the question we need to ask ourselves is how much of our time are we being able to live in this present second which changes it all, from the beginning to the end.

Wherever you go, there you are

As our great former global SVP sales used to say, wherever you go there you are. Probably you, I or anyone won’t find a better quote filling the meaning exposed so far of that second.

As Sofia Z. is sharing with us, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart, do your best, so when you are back, you know there was nothing else you could do to be that best of you. Respect your neighbors and competitors and play fair”.

And as Sofia Z. ends her share, you will only know this if you lived and worked with the right attitude and the best leaders.

To add something on top of what Sofia is referring to, get rid of toxic influences, believe in yourself and keep close to people you admire and mean something to your highest goal and purpose in life, and everything else will come, with daily and hard work.

If there is something you, me or anyone can change now with the time, and resources we have now is ourselves, taking into consideration new ideas and actions we can incorporate into our daily habits and routines to get different outcomes, more aligned to those purposes we pursue.

First, we will need to find out which is our real and meaningful purpose in life (main goal) so everything else, regardless our position, role and time we are now, will have a meaning which can be found all the way down.

As one day the last Business Shaman I’ve known asked me: “Ignacio which is that path you are referring to? You might consider there is no such path or way, but here and now”. And this is what change it all, beliefs, judgments, objectives, success meaning and everything else.

Everything is concentrated in this real second you live every moment as the only source of the truth, not the past, not the future, but now.

Stay humble and rad to make the most of your next second coming to avoid regretting at the end of our short and minuscule lives.

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Ignacio Gallo Campos

Special thanks for the picture and inspirations quote to Sofia Z - Cyprus!

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