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When there’s nothing left (and you want to give up)

When you are about to throw the towel. When the fears and comfort zone are crying inside loud to their maximum level. Suddenly everything seems to go wrong and you have been left alone, where no-one else can see. It seems as if the world was about to end. But just in our heads, hearts and souls. The world will keep turning, into a million of galaxies universe, where we are an infinitesimal portion of time and form.

Copyright @ Jacqueline A.R.

It just takes a big breath, inhaling, exhaling, and elevate ourselves to see everything from a new perspective which the beginning or the end is not more you or me, but everything else.

It’s not an individual view, it’s a common view, nurtured with true love. The same love with creates and destroys, gives and takes and never disappears. It’s always there, and it’s our choice to build our flag with love or fear, anytime, anyway.

It’s once more our choice to act and decide how much time we leave fear installing in us or if we see the universe and people around us as allies or enemies.

As Jim Carrey shares in his “from another planet” speech at 2014 MUM Graduation, “why not choosing love and don’t ever let fear turn us against our playful hearts”.

It’s also our daily choice to feel we are different from the people we see walking by the street or to see beyond individualities for a common future, where hate, fear, and individuality are not the by default choice.

Everything is about choosing to see just in and out our square meter egg or miles away from we are and what we do now.

It’s our choice to see everything on a win-win situation where we are giving upon receiving something back, or we decide to go for the win-to-many letting a “beyond me” evolution take place.

The place where we are not anymore ourselves, but something bigger than ourselves.

Sky above, Earth below, Peace within

Jacqueline A.R. from SA is sharing this week these wise words above, which in essence come to mean exactly what has been uncovered today.

We are Sky above, Earth below, Peace within.

And we can find that within if we deliberately choose:

1. To accept our past, how we have been raised and educated, and get to identify the emotional backpack we are still carrying today. This backpack does not belong to us if we choose to let it go.

2. To understand who we are now and in which percentage we are the true owners of our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings today.

3. To have the courage, finally upon acceptance and understanding, for living in a chosen freedom under the current rules of the game.

The key question in here is are we able to see beauty in pain? As living is painful no matter what. It’s our choice to make the pain beautiful for a bigger purpose than ourselves.

Are we able to forgive ourselves and others who influenced our current situations today? It’s our choice to put in the recyclable bin the backpack to being again as if our heart has not been broken before.

And finally are we able to find that space which lies in between the Sky and the Earth, where we can find true happiness, and freedom to become the true shades of our essences, once having passed through all those painful stages?. It’s our choice to dedicate more time to get to know our inner selves instead of trying to be everyone else.

After fully understanding these pieces we can start to study tools, studies, and conclusions which can help us to set routines and actions aimed to drastically change us from the inside-out without needing to change any single piece of the outer world in which we are living now, for the better, for good, for us, and no one else.

This is not easy, and it won’t happen magically. The best part is to enjoy the ride and recognize it. The only thing we should be sure of is that we know nothing, about anything. We are here and now to learn and to be fully present every second we have the luck of living in.

Stay humble, and hungry enough to make the most of your next second coming, as we never know when it will be the last one.

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Ignacio Gallo Campos

Special thanks for the picture “sky above, earth below, peace within” words and motion picture from Jacqueline A.R. — South Africa!

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