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Who stole your beauty? (Your art)

Years of survival and evolution have taught us to point fingers at anyone out there. Usually anyone but us.

However, whether you, I or anyone else like it or not, this it’s not the focus. It’s precisely you, me, him or her the ones who should take the fire here, take real responsibility.

Copyright @ Zsuzsanna Barta-Levai

Assuming and recognizing it, this is something not many are willing to start with, not even throughout our lives, until it might be too late, and there is no time to change.

At some point in our lives, even many more times than desired, our subconscious mind, emotions, heart and even body ultimately, will start to send us signals about we are not aligned and neither working towards our main purpose, whichever it’s.

And most of the times, it will be the case that probably we don’t really know which our purpose is. Sound so simple and true, that is painful for many to recognize we have no clue on which our purpose is.

It takes big courage first to see it inside and much more even to share this null with others, it takes so much courage to recognize we don’t have a clue on which our true purpose in life is. The purpose here is not meant to mean form a family, be successful, become rich, buy a house nor have children to make our parents happy, so they can be happy grandparents. Purpose means which is that thing we can hold on every day and make us move mountains, regardless where we are or what we do

Many of us we put our purpose on others to justify we haven’t yet found ours. And again it’s really tough to recognize we don’t have a single clue of it.

Good thing is, this sentiment is really normal as since we are born, we have been bombarded with ideas and beliefs from others we need to follow or we are “different” and might fail. What not many people had the courage to tell us is that failure is the essence of life itself, and with no failure, there is no growth, nor development, nor self-discovery and self-understanding.

Light, Life, and Love are inside you

As Zsuzsanna B-L. shares with us using with her own picture and words, we must learn to see inside to see beyond, and then “share the light, life, and love with the rest around us”. And share this not only with the ones who give us back in return but letting our light shine through all the way with everyone.

It’s very obvious we all know the theory, however, it’s also obvious we might spend a full life to finally realize we should have done this much more than we did and spread these emotions with many other people than just our beloved ones. Because that’s easy, it’s easy to spread and share with the ones we select, usually expecting something in return in many shapes, using our power of influence to get always something back.

Some of the questions which work in order to clarify our biggest direction are:

1. Why am I doing what I’m doing?

2. What is that thing my inner-self needs to feel complete?

3. Which are the core values I resonate with?

4. Why am I living in the past / or the future, neglecting the now?

5. Who is making me the one who I am now and how I am?

6. Where am I getting happiness from, every day?

Once again simple questions, which many times we don’t find the time or strength to answer sincerely. Sincerely enough to recognize where we are now and what we have become is not who we really are, but the will of someone else. Starting from recognizing it could take a second which would change it all from the inside. To make the difference out there, without needing to change anything we are doing now.

Keep rad, and humble enough to help others without expecting anything in return, because this is the moment where magical things happen.

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Ignacio Gallo Campos

Special thanks for motion picture and inspirational words to Zsuzsanna B-L. Thank you so much!

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