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Customer experience is over. It’s all about the "selling experience".

You name it!. As finally and ultimately it all comes to a human interaction where both sides are sharing and influencing, one to each other.


Name it again! What it does matter to all those who sell something (yourself, products, or services) is picking up every buyer’s feedback, putting it together to obtain common conclusions and elaborating a plan to adapt your way to what most buyers want.

During the last years, we have put way too much effort into figuring out how we can make our customer experience better. A fact which will be always extremely important.

But have why don’t we to make it happen upside down, since the 0 moment of the truth? When we first approach the potential buyer.

And most importantly are we truly empathizing with them, are we really wearing their shoes? Not 90% of sellers are. Are we really knowing how they feel, behave and why?. Not 90% of sellers know.

Here is where most of us miss the mark, by focusing on what is relevant just for us, making the sale happen! This is not relevant to the buyer at all.

Because there is where the maximum engagement can come from, at that stage. All of us have been sold something many times, and for sure there is a common denominator in those people we buy from: they listen intensively to understand and provide clarity to our needs. Plus now they did something else, they entertained us and they moved our emotions.

They gave us a little extra hint of something which made all the difference. They did things upside down. They were original and versed, they knew what the 90% don’t. It’s not about the one who sells, but all about the one who buys.

What do buyers look to have in a selling experience?

Based continuous years of experience, observation, research and studies on the field this is what any buyer is willing to have and pay for, many times way beyond the product itself:

  • 1. They want to feel, to be moved

  • 2. They want to be understood

  • 3. They want to learn something new and valuable for them (valuable meaning a game changer for the game they play)

  • 4. They want to feel listened

  • 5. They want to find solutions to their problems

  • 6. They want to be told a real story from someone else who had their same needs and was helped in various creative ways

  • 7. They want clarity and honesty

  • 8. They want to be entertained

  • 9. (and finally, if we comply with what we promised) They want to recommend us and keep buying from us, repeatedly in the future.

Most experts on influence, based on really listening to buyers will dare you to add into daily routines actions aimed to tackle how you can listen better, how you can show real cases and examples, how you can share relevant insights from other experts and market specialists, proving these actions worked, how you can make yourself a better entertainer (using visuals, sharing interesting reads, changing your attitude, channeling your energy) and most importantly how to care more for the other, instead of yourself, managing the steaks you have in the game, to lead you without any doubt to better results, not only now, but most importantly in the long run, enjoying more what you are currently doing now.

Just by changing the way we look at things, the things we look at, change – Wayne Dyer.

And the only way to change is to be humble enough to step back (every day) and see things with new eyes, and a new heart, because nothing else matters now. Now is the only moment we can stop, erase and begin again, we can build again emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Keep rad, and humble enough to help others without expecting anything in return, because this is the moment where magical things happen.

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