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Selling the dream, delivering a nightmare

According to exhaustive studies carried out in Silicon Valley and several prestigious universities, we spend 90% of our time selling something, either if it’s ourselves, products or services and navigating through any of the many stages of the process.


It’s is clear this process is quite relevant for us taking it for granted, leaving innovation out of the process.

The Rain Group has recently published the conclusions of a highly insightful survey carried out amongst diverse buyers across very different sectors, coming out with usable conclusions for those who sell something, regardless the place or the moment:

1. 75% of buyers will buy a consultative seller who is able to relate what they sell with what the buyer wants, by guiding the buyer through a meaningful experience for them. In practicality, the seller will need to know buyer from a pre-conversation study of his needs and behaviors using social investigation and intelligent questioning while having the conversation.

2. 90% of buyers revealed they would buy a second time is the post-sale experience is true, honest and aligned with the promised one during the first conversation. Here is where the nightmare comes for over 70% of those, who will not receive what they have been promised in any form.

3. 85% of buyers will recommend any seller who walked the talk to more people in their circles and will write written recommendation for the seller who made their dreams a fact.

Putting it all together

The theory seems pretty simple. Behind the scenes, it’s another story. No matter what you do in your life, selling liking it or not is a notorious portion of it.

Stay rad, keep learning, listening openly, re-inventing ourselves, focusing on others instead of ourselves and keeping a sincere, honest and humble approach relentless, it’s very sure the relationships we will build are going to be everlasting.

It’s true there are very different types of buyers. So we will have to choose when possible who of those we want to serve or help. Choosing well and delivering a dream come true is the recipe for success now, not tomorrow.

Once again we are the captains of our souls and masters of our destinies. Our destiny is now, not yesterday, nor tomorrow.

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