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Moving away from perpetual denial

Is there anything better than the feeling of being special? The same feeling you get when you are an unbroken child and your father, mother or that person teaches you something you end up loving or shows you that awesome new thing you didn’t know it existed.

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Or the feeling you get when you meet someone special, in which you mirror and project the feelings you get, expecting the other person feels the same about you, and it’s awesome.

Or the one you get when you arrive at that isolated and cozy bed and breakfast in the middle of the mountains or seashore, where you feel that wow, for doing just that regular and common thing you are doing every day, which is sleeping in a bed (fact which is already a luxury).

However that night is special, that moment is special. And the only reason why that is special is because we are choosing to feel it as special, to give it a meaning.

The gap, however, comes when we give for granted everything we have, choosing to feel it’s not special anymore. Because that special feeling seems to be just rushing, coming and going, as fast as it starts, it goes. And we forget who we are and what we live for.

Building special moments takes time

“Patience and consideration, and must not be rushed”, courtesy of Carla Hk.

As Carla Hk. mentions it does take time and effort, pain, believing in yourself and trusting others around you. The ones you pick and choose.

The main question for us all here is why to build good relationships we are aware the process itself takes time, effort and sacrifice for the final good results.

Why then we chose at the same time not to feel special all the way, anytime, in the process of building trust. Why do we just feel special for very short periods of time, when we could choose to feel it more?

Again I would like to take the quote from the last week post. "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ― Marcel Proust.

I could be looking for expert advice and conclusions from massive questionnaires carried out amongst hundreds of thousands of people, for finally sharing again bullet points and actions you, me or anyone could do to feel special all the way long, every moment, regardless of the situation. Not this time.

It’s just when we are fully aware of the great luck and opportunity we have living this present moment to change things and make them better for something bigger than ourselves we can start making every second special and lasting more, embracing life for higher standards.

As if we are expecting for those next new things coming to us to feel special we might waste our entire life, money, and expectations on other things than ourselves to be happy, to feel full.

It’s never too late to be brave to recognize we can do better emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. It’s a great starting point to begin again. Most importantly to do something different in our current lives which might take us to the next unexpected everlasting “special feeling moment”, not expected, but intentionally searched.

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Ignacio Gallo Campos

Special thank you for Carla Hk. The UK, art for the picture and inspirational words.

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