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Seeing beyond cell screens

As the most respected leader in a well-known media organization cited recently in her farewell message "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ― Marcel Proust.

Or as Greg McKeown, New York Times Bestseller Author relates in his book "Essentialism" - the disciplined pursuit of less: give, do, feel less, but better.

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It's not necessary to travel far to enjoy the path, nor expense a lot for quality outcomes.

it's required a different mindset to find joy in the smallest things.

What this attitude primarily requires is to start giving up on not value added actions we carry out every single day, analyzing the smallest details to finally set a plan (a written plan) of action which centers into those really important bits and pieces which provide us with content and are linked to our inner purposes.

As the title refers to, that is one of the most relevant points we need to watch closely, even measure. As we would be amazed discovering the average person spends over 120 minutes a day into social media, non relevant news, and other non valuable topics emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Time which spent in rich activities could have an immense positive impact in our happiness and many others around us.

Seeing beyond cell screens is developing our intuition, time-hacking our time, investing in deep and meaningful actions the majority of our time, every day.

It's fine to say no

Big names in their fields have analyzed people changing non valuable time spent for making their toxic lists and stick to them are much happier than those ones who don't. Healthier, stronger and able to make their dreams come true (and the ones around them).

Sadly 70% are struggling on learning how to, and stick to it consistently. As a reliable and tested methodology, this advice taken from several experts really help to make it real. Again the key is to do it, for good. No excuses:

  • Don't give your life for granted is it might end tomorrow (most of us avoid this reality).

  • Write down your big goals to be accomplished and design sub-tasks for those to happen. Make sure you write them down in a safe and easy place so you check track them on every week to note down accomplishments or loses.

  • Remove toxic people and habits around you As they are draining your energy. No matter who they are, and how you say it. Take time from your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter daily and use it to write down your tactics and strategy to face those. Eventually things will improve in your relationships, and your energy levels will be moved towards your most relevant and essential goals.

  • Learn how to breathe better. Sounds silly, however do your own homework and research to learn how breathing can remove from your body highly toxic substances such as cortisol, responsible for most of the today's world main diseases.

  • Surround yourself with people who inspires you.

  • Look for the purpose within you, which is usually bigger than yourself. Check out the goals you set in the beginning to make sure they are aligned (if not, re-set new goals)

  • Listen deeply to yourself, your body, the people around you and the nature, mother of it all. Ask the right questions, and listen to what they need to say. Surprisingly, answers will come when you learn how to listen the signals.

  • Finally set a goal a week to move you from your own comfort zone, and be brave enough to make it happen and accomplish it. Note them down in your journal too.

What is for sure is doing couple of the recommendations shared in this post here read from different experts in the four pillars of the human foundation, will make a difference and hopefully a better self of ourselves. Because we all know what to do, but not many not make it happen consistently, until it might be too late.

Stay unique, be true to yourself, and brave enough to begin again, even when there's pain.

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