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Push beyond the pain

This is what someone yesterday was asking the master in mixed martial arts class, while stretching. And what did the rest do whenever he finished the question? Laugh and laugh, until he publicly assumed and recognized that it was a stupid question.

This is what in the end becomes most of our days, whilst we forget or avoid to keep this brain tattoo load and clear wherever we go. This should be our daily flag and the mechanism we apply to get wherever we want to go in life, dividing it in little parts, weeks, days and hours.

And this is what Joshua Waitzkin, author of the book "the art of learning" world chess finalist and push hands heavy world champion 2004, shares as the number one reason why most of us we do not get where we would like, because we are too afraid of pushing beyond the pain.

What is required to go beyond the pain?

Its a very human reaction to avoid the pain. Since we are children are taught by life and everybody around to keep comfy. It's not bad as people who are teaching this usually love us.

However when doing that we are also avoiding to grow at a larger scale, regardless if its physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

What many experts recommend and not many of us do is tackling every week with a "new little battle won" against those pains. Some simple advice could be:

  1. Starting today that activity you have been postponing so much time .Once a month (its not much)

  2. Waking up earlier from tomorrow and develop a new routine, learning how to breathe

  3. Studying a new language you have been always interested in, on your own

  4. Setting every week a little battle to win (against yourself), noting it down in your calendar and just DOING IT.

Because in the end as Joshua says, to go beyond the pain, you don't really need to much, but to start doing instead of thinking, letting yourself the opportunity to grow, one inch at a time

Start with to change yourself for real second, for the sake of your life.

Ignacio G. Campos

About the author

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