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Who do you think you are?

Because according to studies and experts, it takes just 60 days to become an utterly different person. Saying it in other words, you can build routines and behaviours which will drastically change the person you are now, not only how people will perceive you, but most importantly how you will perceive yourself from the inside-ou

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Might be the case you still don’t believe it. It’s normal, as it has been like this most of the times, most of your time. However, it’s not me again telling you this will happen. Have a watch or read to any of the social proofs out there, cases, studies and listen to experts, such as Robin Sharma, Travis Bradberry, Tony Robbins or Benjamin P. Hardy.

Each day more and more there are people out there changing their inside-outside and vice versa, just putting out the work and the mind-set. Both of them are probably the most relevant assets anyone can possess in today’s world.

Unfortunately, once more, it doesn’t matter how many times you read it, you think it or you even feel it, if you are not able to finally put the hours and work on it. The attitude and the mindset, no matter what, no matter the weather or any other can say to you. You are the only one who has the key to make your next second of your life the most revealing and most powerful weapon you have.

Own your second to suffer, to see life is not easy, to not to wait anyone else tell you “you are doing well” or clap your ways. It’s not like this how it happens. You need to make it happen. And it’s fine to feel fear, insecure, lonely as that’s how it feels to finally make it your way, keeping in the way you are now. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change, by Wayne Dyer

PUSH - Persist until something happens

You need have the guts to move the time, to hack it, to do in one second what you never dared to do in your whole life, to push reset in your life, to sacrifice who you are now, to become the one you want to be. How can we make it happen?

There is nothing new or revolutionary in what is being written here. The only revolution will begin whenever you decide you are a creator, and not and spectator. And still, to follow, this is not the typical 10 things list to become Superman, just respectful suggestions,

· You need to change how you are doing things now

· You need to “feel” weak and frightened more often

· You can’t give for granted anything you are or have now

· You need to ask for help more than you are used to

· You need to listen with the intention of learning

· You need to share and become exponential

· You need to keep calm when everybody is nervous

· You need to have the power of intention in everything you make

· You need to give your hand when the rest are closing their arms

· You need to create instead of complaining

· You need to be restless whenever the rest “feel tired”

· You need to be willing to keep your quality standards when everybody else is not

· You need to be your own inspiration, not waiting for anyone else to telling you

· You need to raise you “own bar” so high, to become the only one to compare with

And the most important, you need to start doing something different (of your own choice), now!

The real battle and solutions are not out there, it’s not in the news, and it’s not because of the politicians, terrorists, countries or masses. It's just in your head, heart, and soul. Start with to change yourself for real second, for the sake of your life.

Ignacio G. Campos

About the author

Get ready to start that game changer second and subscribe. Watch this video and be ready for the life you deserve.

Ignacio has just published the third book of our trilogy called, “A life in a second”.

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