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Born to be wild (born to be you)

We are all the same 70% water, bones and attitude. It’s not by chance that Steppenwolf — Born to be wild’s Video in YouTube hits exactly 35,634,747 views in this precise moment plus 151,201 likes. (Recommended is to read the article, listening the song)

Photo by Justin Veenema on Unsplash

Probably because most of us would love to live, laugh and love wild. And why not, in the end wild is what we are. Our essence is wild, we all come from the sea.

However why most of us just do wild sometimes, even most of the times prevent that wild state-of mind and emotions to stay in our present and our presence. Psychologists, and sociologists point at 2 main reasons why:

  • Fear

  • Comfort

Fear to accept who we are and our future. Comfort to move from our current positions, characters, titles and attitudes to the unknown.

Understanding, the unknown as that place where we can turn things upside down, bottom up, top down, without fear to fail, from what other others expect from us and what we think others may expect from us.

Read what Travis Bradberry, author of the emotional intelligence 2.0, and bestseller author of the most read article in the history of LinkedIn is recommending after working with 75% of the Fortune 50 companies in his last post 9 Skills You Should Learn That Pay Dividends Forever.

Or take some time to watch how Tony Robbins is able to become that f*****g invention he wants to be any time he wants.

And yes it’s not easy. It requires gut, time, energy and always row against the current with all that you might have. It’s a big commitment, but we owe it to ourselves.

Acknowledging your biggest fakes, and fears, it’s the beginning

We have been taught not to recognize our weak points.

Mostly we are been told just perfection will get the life prize. Best work, best partner, best relationships, and everything else. However that’s the first fake, what is best or perfection. Nothing more far to the real truth. There’s no other way to perfection, than failing and learning all the time.

Stop for some time, and start asking to ourselves the most basic questions we can really ask to ourselves. Whenever those responses are coming from external factors, we will realize how much we have deviated from which we really are inside. We will realize how much we are a product of everybody else but us.

This does not mean we have to change our work, partners, relationships, but the way we see them and what they really mean to us. That place where we can make this analysis clear is free of comfort and fear. It must be fully charged of a vision, honesty, humility and a big why full of meaning (purpose) in the long run.

We are not in a job because we get paid, we choose our jobs. It must be the place where we can give the best that we can, all the time. We are not with our friends because you have no other options, you choose them, so let’s make every second worth it. We are not in a place for no reason, we chose it, so let’s enjoy it the best.

We need to re-visit those basics and think it once more, from different perspectives. And if the reasons we stuck with them is fear or comfort, then we really need re-visit what we could do to improve those choices we make it to make it the best as we can, because it’s not others fault and time but ours.

It’s our lives and as Robin Sharma says our lives are meant to be legendary, and not because of anyone else’s choice. Let’s stop the fake, let’s let our wild side guide us to those places where we are now with full presence, for the sake of our present.

The one and only place where life takes places is now, not yesterday, nor tomorrow.

Even though we all like to be wild, to be us in full presence, we are too lazy or scared to be those ones we are meant to be.

Stop the average, and choose to be different, to be you, your best you, as you have just 4818 days to make it happen. Be brave to share and like (we are all the same 70% water, bones and attitude).

Ignacio G. Campos

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