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The calamity mind-set (the XXI century soul sickness)

Understanding the title as the automatic pilot many mode we are setting in our minds to blame our fate, will and current situations on everything else and everyone else out there. I’ve been there, you’ve been there too. Are we all still there now?.

Probably yes. We cannot control everything happening around us. However what we can for sure control is our attitude and response to the outer world.

We can choose now and will always have the power to react and interact with everything else out there in the way we decide at this precise second.

However what is a non-beneficial attitude for oneself first and for the rest of the humanity is to blame just the others and not us on the way we react and act under pressure, difficult situations and normal daily interactions.

We all have tough moments in life, however as seen in the past post life is so short “4818 days” that even in those tough moments there is always a powerful reason why for us to keep being driven to whatever higher purpose we have engaged with.

Because by having this clear we cannot blame our parents, friends, partners, politicians, jobs or colleagues for our own calamities: envy, egoism, jealousy, hypocrisy or cowardice.

What is needed to change the calamity mind-set to light and power?

There is no soothsayer saving us, as Zack Hemsey suggest in his master piece “Nomad

Being human is tough, as our amigdala, brain, genetics and education are telling us to survive and being the number 1 all the time. All the rest is failure. Currently this and the fact that we are being bombarded with thousands of millions of non-meaningful messages with distorted values by the media are creating a very difficult soup to stop feeding on.

Because the easiest and shortest way to happiness is not something uncomfortable, it just takes money and work to make it happen. However once again outside us there is not true happiness, just distorted happy moments, which will lead us to long term dissatisfaction and grief.

Better we stop, breath, and be aware of who we really are, what our mission here is, and why we should accomplish it (reminder - our mission is not what society, parents or anyone is telling us we need or must do or accomplish, it’s our own choice and decision).

Some basic tips that work:

1. Stay humble

2. Build from your pain

3. Never stop listening and learning

4. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can do or can’t

5. Keep your ears open and your heart even more open

6. Remain patient

7. Believe in yourself and stay true to yourself

8. Help others to listen to their inner power

9. Share what you learn and start again (because you will lose yourself again and again). And have a look at what David Goggins says based on his real case

Once we stop and breathe awareness, we might realize what to do next, and for the rest of our lives. And this why will not depend on anything else, the weather, the place where we at living or which our title in LinkedIn says. This why is bigger than you, me and we all together.

Find your why, keep rad and listen to your inner light,

Ignacio G. Campos

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