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4818 days to save the world

Or said in another words, 19.272 days is the average time of any regular human being in his or her life, assuming that person would live 80 years of age in any given developed country with no major health issues. Not much, isn’t it?

This figure results of multiplying 365 days * 80 years, resting the 33% of sleeping time we daily spend.

And if to all those little days of life we have, we remove the impact of fear into the equation, the time we have for living is diminishing to a ridiculous figure.

Any given person nowadays who is true to him or herself would have the following inner daily dialogue: “I’m scared now, I feel fear many times a day. Fear to die, fear to live too much with poor health. Fear to fail, fear to not be accepted in social situations. Fear to be murdered, robbed or attacked. Fear to loose myself, my health, to lose what I have, what I got, and what it costed me so much to get. Fear to start, fear to end, fear to never become. Fear to lose the control, fear to be hated and fear to be loved. Fear to be dead and fear to be alive.

These are just some little examples of all the daily fears every average person suffers. So coming to this point if we diminish the figure presented by all the times we are avoiding to express our fears and then getting liberated we could probably come in half that time in which we are living. And if we add to the equation the 70% of population remain in a job they don’t like or enjoy, you can cut the figure by 4818 days more which is the time we spend in an average working, coming to a final amount of 4818 days in which we have the option to broader thinking and feeling, to live a more free life.

Back to basics, the way to wisdom

What is really sad these days is we are investing tons of time in social networks and other distractions which are setting us apart from the last portion of freedom and capacity to be happy in these lives we are given.

The only way we have to truly live a completed live is to be firstly aware of the limitations we are living in, not only in the scarce number of days we physically have but also on the quality of the time we are living now (awareness and mindfulness).

To live a life full of joy and happiness, we need first to:

  • Be aware of this situation and factors affecting us.

  • Then forgive us for all those times we have not been awaken and brave enough to follow our intuition and feelings.

  • Finally start now acting in consequence to live the life we are really wanting to live. Its time now to stop complaining about our jobs, personal situations and circumstances, and start doing towards our completion.

This is not a call to action, because I’m telling you, it’s just because you know it and you feel it. You know it every day that passes and you are not changing anything. You are the only person being wasted in the equation, so no regrets if you do it. Enjoy whilst you are alive. Or change your way of seeing and doing things, recognize you are afraid and you have a limited number of days to really live, if you really have the guts.

Remember to like and share if you are brave enough to release your fears about what the others are thinking about you and do so!

Be a true warrior for your life and feelings, respecting others.

Ignacio G. Campos

About the author

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