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How can this be happening?

The Champions League, Roland Garros, Brexit, Elections and new attacks, what is really happening here? Is this a dream, is this a nightmare, or a trick? Someone hit pause please!

In these crazy times it’s really easy to lose track of the bigger picture, to get demotivated by seeing, listening and receiving so many chaotic messages which for sure are hurting our emotions.

Everything appears so much out of our control and will. The question is however, in spite of all these challenging and out of control circumstances, is it something we can hold on too to keep the spirit and motivation high?

For sure we can just by stopping for a second and letting our gut feeling and emotions telling us where to begin and how. And it shouldn’t be changing the world, as the world will continue rolling and rolling with its circumstances.

What we can do easily and simply is to lift our sight and eyes from our own micro-worlds and start helping out a little bit people we cross by everyday with the humble intention of making their day, just a little bit better.

We can stand up and talk instead of sending out emails. We can get out there wherever we are and get the human touch. We can listen with our hearts open, instead of trying to win every interaction.

A little smile, a little gesture, a gentle question with full intention of making the others feel better will be more than enough. Probably we cannot change the world, but the world can see a change in you, me and us which is a powerful beginning!.

How to see beyond?

For those ones who like lists with top things to do with concrete actions, I do recommend you to go through an expert article in the topic “time hacking” called Benjamin P. Hardy, whose maxima is “you can live the life you want and do more things in your life than anybody else, if you really want to” and read - If You’re Too Busy For These 5 Things: Your Life Is More Off-Course Than You Think.

In addition to the experts advice there’s nothing better than applying common sense and a little bit of simple questioning to ourselves to determine which factors are not letting us see beyond or getting that so important bigger picture.

Once again its remarkable how famous characters as Buddha got that bigger picture in the simplest way possible. He just sat down. He sat down and asked himself some very basic with “full intention” questions?

1. Why I’m doing what I’m doing? How I’m doing it?

2. What do I like most?

3. Which actions that I did before provided me with the highest satisfaction and why?

It’s not that big deal to the bigger picture, but there is one very important part of it all. After all these sincere questions he got full commitment of doing something about them, and took action again. He decided to do it consistently as the world was rolling and rolling. He decided to commit to something bigger than himself. And from that less (sitting down) he got much more.

What are you waiting for? Get you free sit on this world now and do your thing! If you like it as always spread it with full intention.

Ignacio G. Campos

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