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How to develop a brand-new state of mind

Everyone wants to be the principal character in that movie called life, but how many of us do feel it that way? How many of us do make it happen?

We have the power to do it and to change shadows into light all the way down. Remember to connect to the no limits Wi-Fi, first and that you have all the power to do it by owning your second, then deciding it’s going to be positive instead of negative.

The truth is if we were truly honest with ourselves, we would recognize we are the product of many other external factors.

On the other hand, we have always this dilemma crossing our minds and hearts: If I did that thing differently? What If I started that thing, what if I expressed myself this way instead? The reality is just by thinking it, all those ideas and feelings never go live. They remain as beta test in our body, system and soul, adding the negative side effects to ourselves.

The outcome of not doing anything about and keeping those sentiments in our system is causing imbalances in our immune system and could even lead to different diseases. Having all this information why would we choose to block our inner voice?

It’s clear that past experiences and fears are preventing us all from moving forward and acquiring new levels of self-growth and knowledge.

You can see beyond. Get the bigger picture

A bullet proof technique which is going to help us moving forward is without any doubts the Robin Sharma’s five P on how to stay positive on a bad day.

Only just by applying the first P for perspective (bigger picture) we would might alter for good (and for the positive) many of the little deceits we have daily basis into little bricks to build our pillars. We would be grateful for all the “things” we already have being able to share gratitude with the rest of the world many more occasions.

Any lost battle is there to teach us and show us something else, so let’s uncover every lesson, let’s write them down and let’s propose solutions for everybody else to overcome next rock in the way, keeping always in mind the final destination and enjoying the path.

From now on, let’s be aware of how lucky we are. Call to action is:

Write down every day the three main reasons why it is worth it to be alive and to keep fighting. Simple right?. Its not about if being simple or not. The key is to start doing, talking, communicating that way now. Because life doesn’t happen to us, it does happen for us.

You can make the difference just by truly owning a second of real honesty a day, in which you are you, with all the consequences.

You are the captain of soul and the master of your destiny is your destiny is now, not yesterday, nor tomorrow. Keep samurai and stay present in this second,

Ignacio Gallo Campos

About the author

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