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Live and die on this day

For those of you who have not yet watched it, it deserves your time to watch the grey, to grasp the essence of the magical, beautiful, sad and happy message the movie is sending us 360 manner.

Be ready to loose, be ready to win, be ready to learn, be ready to grow, be ready to feel compassion, pain, love, hate, regret, all at the same time, all on the same day, all in a second.

A second to move it all, to change it all, to make it happen, to begin and end, to destroy and create, but be fully aware that in just one second of truly awareness, a full live can be changed.

Be aware that you can fail a million thousand times, and it would all be worth it if throughout all the process you learnt, suffered, loved, hated and mostly enjoy the process of being aware and conscious of your power. That power is not ours, yours, mine, and it comes from the same source of power, where we all belong too, where it all came from. And it have been always there to teach you that you are alive in this precise moment to make out something great of your existence.

And that now is not there because you did all what the environment, society, culture and social accepted rules told you to do. That second is there all the time to teach you the path, what to do and how to do it, just if you pay true attention to somewhere out of yourself, your family, your beloved ones and those small worlds we form around us.

That true second is going to teach you that there are no limits, no good or bad, but just being with all the consequences, letting your gut guide you along the entire process. There will still be pain, suffering, hustle, hate, doubts, and fear, however all those feelings are there to guide us, letting us know we are alive and our opportunity is just passing by our eyes all the time.

For every second we just let ourselves go, without doing anything about it, the universe is creating the same equivalent force against, as the third principle of Newton. We just need to realize about it. Don’t let that pain, fear, and hustle we fear to become 0, as for it, that will be the moment in which we have completely let go all the chances we have to be happier. There is no need to change what we already have, but just the attitude we have about it all.

Do more, think less

Very clear and simple, no need to re-write it, and pretty obvious for we us all. For every moment your gut is calling you pay attention to it, don’t let it come to the 0 force statement where everything is OK.

Because whenever we all will be about to die, to fail and stand up again will be the best memories we’ll ever have. It will not be how many years we lived, but how we lived what truly will matter.

Start to apply it with sense, common sense, and gratitude for what you already have, as there are truly many people out there not having 1% of what you already have who are grateful for a hot shower.

Me the writer here, it’s the first one needing to everyday pay attention to what is being written here. In addition endorphins will do the job for us; doctors, scientists, philosophers, and regular people will tell you by doing and not thinking is where every pain finds heal.

Let’s keep rowing into this full awareness and greatness as we all deserve it. If you liked what you read, share it and most importantly do it to make living an adventure every second.

Keep samurai and stay present in this second,

Ignacio G. Campos

About the author

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