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Connect to the "No limits Wi-fi"

Josh Waitzkin author of the book "The art of learning" and several times world champion in martial arts and chess, speaks loudly about it.


Most humans tend to judge, cross reference and act taking into account every single second, emotion and experience we have come across in our most recent and not so recent past. Why is that?. Purely surviving reasons behind. This is what made us reach to the point in history and evolution we are in, today.

However even though we count on several thousands of years in human evolution in regards to our reptilian and limbic brains, it's a ridiculously historically amount of seconds in regards to our rational and supposedly non emotional gut feeling 2 millimeters thick cortex brain.

Big paradox here as precisely listening to emotions is what in most cases can make our cortex evolve, by taking into account something we can not cross reference with and even we cannot see or even scientifically prove 100%.

Let's see this easy example. Our mobile phones when interacting with Wi-fi become thousands of times more powerful, however we can not touch or see the Wi-fi. This is how it works in regards to emotions and energy.

All nature and us are made and charged with energy we cannot see or touch, however this is influencing us immensely without we being aware of it. And yes, its extremely powerful.

Feel it, connect to it

So there is comes our challenge in the 21st century. Moment in which we are constantly being altered and affected by so many trivial things and differentiate relevant from trivial is becoming a daily challenge. This is like Wi-fi, even we don't feel we tend to connect, act and feel as it all as a whole.

What many of us don't know is energy and feelings work the same way as the Wi-fi. This means if we want to move from a feeling or sensation to another (happier, more productive, more aligned to ourselves) we can actually do it. How?

  1. Being aware of what we are connected to

  2. Decide if we want to remain to connected to it

  3. Change the connection to different frequencies

  4. Notice and refuse non beneficial for us Wi-fis

  5. Help others realizing of this and show them how shift their Wi-fi

What usually happens when we start to connect to the right tune and energy is that everything and everyone around us starts like magically work. Suddenly we are finding everything we have wanted to closer than we expected, we start shifting from limitations to possibilities and we are living the life we have been dreaming of without the need to be dreaming. As a the band Boy sings it it's already happening here.

This is when we decide that comfort and fear are the places we want to live in to draw the picture of our pain, finding the whole process beautiful when doing it.

Because strength is the ability courageous hearts have to rebuild themselves and their broken hearts over and over again, each new day, as if they had been never broken, fighting, teaching and learning from what their hearts tell them is right.

If you dare to connect to the wildest Wi-fi ever made, and you liked what you read, share it with all the courage and strength you have to make your friends, families and strangers aware of this power we all have, to make our lives an adventure that it's worth it every second.

Keep rad, stay samurai and be meaningful,

Ignacio G. Campos

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